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Rant: Local Tri cancelled

My local triathlon has been cancelled (Teesdale, in Co. Durham). It's a really good event which loads of locals enter as beginners or annually. Been running for about 15yrs now. Durham council have decided that to run this event they need to close the roads. The local sports centre would have to fund the police for this (thousands of pounds!!). Therefore, the event has been cancelled for health and safety reasons.

The bike route is the quietest route on all tris I've done (about 15 different ones). It has one mini rd about with a 1st exit turn and then two left turns. The run is off road (pool swim).

Watching the olympics has made me really positive about the sport in this country and with all the hype about getting people out and exercising they do something like this, it's [email protected]@dy ridiculous.

To boot, they left it until last week to cancel so a load of my mates have been training for nothing.

I'm not even doing the event, I was going to marshall but it is just idiotic, aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh[:@]

Rant over (anyone had any similar issues?)


  • Hi Transit,

    hep - I share your frustration, we have had loads of races cancelled round here, two local half marathons this year and it looks like the local Harlech Tri is under threat because they are closing the pool. It's always the same issues, health & safety requirements and cost.

    We have just had a local run event (race the train) which is really popular and even at that, they had to change the course and the finish line. In previous years you race the train to the finish (given the name of the race it's easy to spot that this is the whole idea!) but this year beacuse of Health & Safety issues, the finish had to be elsewhere - OK so runers could tell if they beat the train by their times but they missed out on the thrill of actually seeing the train arrive after them at the end!!

    I could rant on about it all day - but sadly it seems to be the way things are heading. Even Steve Haywood's double Iron event had to be a pool swim for health & safety reasons .... where will it all end?

    Rant Rant Rant ... better go and do some work and calm down now[&:]
  • Just got back from my first Race the Train. Did the 10k Quarry route.

    I heard at the end that it may be the last time it's run because of the health and safety issues. I hope it does run again because I need to return and get my revenge - beaten by the train by 3 mins[:o]
  • Transit that is terrible!! I live in Newcastle and wasnt doing the event this year but only just spotted it and planned it in for next year!! gutted!! there are already so few local tris round here.

    While we're on the subject do you know of any other good local events??

  • Just got back from my first Race the Train. Did the 10k Quarry route.

    Well done - it's pretty tough isn't it! Hope you enjoyed it though, along with our beautiful Welsh countryside. It will be a real shame if this was the last event, apart from on the race scene, it's such an important part of local business as it brings in lots of visitors. All in all, the situation is pretty depressing - guess we just have to keep plugging away at it. We'll be putting on an Aquathlon and Sprint Tri in Machynlleth (just up the road from Race The Train) next year - - Aquathlon series will be Jan to March and Tri in June - hopefully without too much agro from the authorities.
  • transittransit Posts: 163

    I just use all the usual websites to check out events, particularly northern pulse, tri247 and bta website. It depends what distance you want to do, and how far you are willing to travel. Let me know and I might be able to point out some,


  • Transit, thanks. Anywhere withig travelable distance on the actual day. I did one in the borders and that wasn't too far it seemed. But my boyfriend doesn't want to stop over the night before for one of my 'torture events' as he calls them, and I feel guilty if it's too far when my dad takes me!! Only been doing sprint distance so far but actually I'd do any distance since they've been going well (ish). I think Ive missed out in most of the good northern ones this year so Im probably going to have to make my list for next year.
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