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I took up triathlons last year and completed several sprint distance events before finishing the season with an Olympic distance event. I did the same this year and completed more or less the same training program.

However, when I set out on the run leg of the Olympic event this year, I got bad cramps in my quads. When I tried to stretch them, my hamstrings seized up.

Any thoughts on what I did wrong or how to avoid it happening again? I ran a ten mile road race one week before the event, but I don't know if this contributed to the problem.


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    The run probably didn't help as they would still be quite tight.

    Saddle too high - may be over working them a little?

    Increase your salt intake slightly a few days prior to the race

    Hope that helps x
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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    I agree check out your bike set up including your shoes/cleats. Also you may be having a bad reaction to your energy drink - I used to use Hi5 but had to switch to Powerbar as Hi5 did not agree with me
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    AndreAndre Posts: 103
    There are too many variable factors for me to be 100% certain, but I'd have thought you'd be sufficiently recovered from the 10 mile running race for it not to have been the cause of the cramps - although it may well have had an effect on your overall performance.

    As for Pain and Treefrog's comments on your riding position, I believe you would've noticed any discomfort at some point during brick training or a previous race - although having this checked out is definitely an investment worth making, even if you weren't going to be racing any more.

    There's all sorts of opinion on the cause of cramp, but the most likely is it's down to pre-event nutrition and/or your refueling strategy for the race.

    If I've understood your message correctly, you usually race short-distance (say anything from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours) and it's within most peoples capabilities to compete at those distances relying just on their bodies reserves and a little water. Anything longer's a little different.

    You'll need to experiment to find exactly the right strategy for yourself, but as both Pain and Treefrog have already pointed out, I'd take a look at which energy drink you're using. There's no guarantee that the product provided at an event is going to be right for you, so it's worth keeping an extra bottle of your favoured product in transition - personally, I've found the taste and extra electrolytes in Taut to work well for me, but the best results are often achieved with the home-made stuff. Also consider taking on a carb-gel during your bike/run transition, to give yourself a little extra kick.

    Failing all of that, there seems to be a general consensus on this place that porridge and red paint can improve your performance in all areas - try smearing a 50:50 porridge:paint balm on the offending area, if nothing else it'll make you look like a real triathlete!
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    LiamoLiamo Posts: 2
    Thanks for your advice - I'll definitely get my bike set-up looked at and focus more on my nutrition
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