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Core stability

Anyone got a good workout for core stability training? I tend to flit from a few planks here to a few sit ups there. Doesn't feel that scientific.


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    BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Hey Deeess,

    I have problems with my lower back when I run if I dont get core excercise in weekly.

    Planks are great and effective but there is much more.

    Have you got a swdish ball? If you have then do planks with your feet on the ball. After the time you hold the plank for go up to a straight arm and hold for as long then down and repeat.

    Also lye flay on your front and with your hans behind your head, then lift and twist to one sude and lift the opposite leg. repeat 20 times to each side. if this is too easy then hold for 5 seconds at the top of each lift.

    One other excercise that works well for me is the push up. Not just up down ip down but when you reach the top of a pressup lift one hand off the ground and turn your shoulders so you reach for the deiling, then down and return to the floor push up again and do the other arm.

    Sit ups are great too but remember to twist to each side as well as stright up and down.

    Confused? I found some good stuff from of all places Mens Health mag and mens fitness mag!

    Core fitness is good for posture as well!
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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    My gym programme yesterday was:

    (bearing in mind that I have a rather bad knee at the moment, so can't run. And cycling is a bit hard).

    Warm up (cross trainer - no impact on knee!)

    2000m row - getting up to lactate threshold levels - making the heart beat a bit, while not bothering the knee too much.

    Some exercises for glutes/adductors as a weak hip may be the cause of knee problems then, everything with the Swiss Ball or wobble cushion

    1) Bridge Curls, lie on floor, feet on ball, then pelvic lifts up, then knees up to roll ball forward.

    2) Rolling squats (feet on ball, arms on floor, move feet back and forwards).

    3) Some pelvic lifts

    4) Chest press on ball

    5) shoulder press on ball

    6) Flying Superman - my favourite ball exercise at the moment. Lie on the ball - with it supporting the lower abdomen/pelvis: Legs up, arms outstretch - see how long you can hold it. It is harder than it looks, and exercises just about everything core wise - back/stomach muscles really ache after a bit.

    7) Move medicine ball slowly from side to side while lying on the ball

    8) Sit-ups on the ball - start with the head/shoulders a bit below horizontal, then lift up. Great!

    There are a few more that I can't remember.

    Then some single leg squats on the wobble cushion - great for knee/stablity. Done very slowly and with limited range of movement on the bad knee.

    Stretches! The ball can be good for this.

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    deeessdeeess Posts: 150
    thanks guys - will look to incorporate those. it's funny but my approach to workouts is always go for a run or a cycle because that's the only way to get faster but i'm starting to realise how important core conditioning is

    bring on the balls! [:@]
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    Hi deeess,as a pilates instructor i would suggest you go to a qualified practitioner either in a class or even better in a one2one session they could give you specific exercises that will not only improve your core strength but also help with flexibility and mobility of the joints.try Stott pilates wedsite for a list of practitioners in your area.
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