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  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    garyroberts wrote:

    Hey juleso,

    Your advice (not nagging) is probably one of the reasons i'm still in one piece! Don't stop...i need all the advice i can get, i really really do, and i appreciate it all too.

    Here's my training:

    Today: Just got back from endurance swim session - nothing too heavy.

    Yesterday: Swimming 1-1.5hr mixed, drills and stuff. 5k slow run (taking it easy - shin hurt :o( )

    Sunday: Day off so went down the local industrial estate to practised transitions

    Saturday: Bike fit in the morning, 23k ride to test new setup. Swimming 1hr.

    Can't remember before that! I don't keep a log and don't follow a training guide. I don't generally have days off but i will take an easy day in the pool when i'm tired.

    Some might say that the lack of training program is a sure fire way to 'prepare to fail' (and i wouldn't disagree) -

    But i don't think i'm over-training, i may, on the other hand, be under-eating!! As i'm getting ever closer to the dreaded tri-suit public appearance!

    Stay with me buddy - i need all the help i can get.


    Don't worry about the dreaded tri-suit appearance. I've seen some of the photo's my wife took, now to be frank, I'm quite skinny. I do weigh just under 14st but I'm 6ft 4in so I do look thin.

    However with the tri-suit on I just loved looking like a power ranger with sumner gear on with some caramel logs stuck at the side of my hips.... but hey who was looking anyway...lol

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