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Customised tri suit/kit


I am trying to order customised tri suit for my club and wondered if anyone had advice as to where are the best places to go for this and not lose quality of tri suit.

Is it best for them to be made from scratch with the specific colours and design... or to buy tri suits and have them printed??

Can't seem to find anything on internet regarding this


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    martyn837martyn837 Posts: 32
    Take alook at these people http://www.impsport.com/direct/index.php

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    kshendokshendo Posts: 2
    Thanks Martyn

    Have you ordered from these people at before....is there a vast difference in material quality between normal tri suits and long distance suits? Or just pockets?
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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Try the powerhouse clothing company - primarily a rowing kit company but they have provided me with excellent tri kit, all specced to my requests, reasonable price and fast delivery time. Very easy to deal with
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