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Knee Pain


I wonder if anyone can help me self diagnose before I'm brave enough to visit the doctors.

I have an intermitent pain behind my right knee cap. Its quite difficult to describe but would be similar to a severe headache but on your knee.

When it hurts I'm in quite a lot of pain, mainly during my commute and whilst down sitting at work. I'm not sure when it started hurting as I knocked it a few months ago, the pain went away and then came back with vengance!!

I'm in training for IMOZ in April and its causing me quite a lot of problems. Its now started to hurt after I swim, its not too bad on the bike but I can only run on the good days. I ran for 1.5hrs last Friday and it wasn't too bad, but this week has been hell.

Please don't tell me its my bike/shoes etc as I've changed nothing from previous seasons. I'm into double figures on the IM front so I'm used to quite a lot of stiffness etc but this is something completely new and is really beginning to pi** me off.

I've tried resting it but that doesn't seem to make much difference, it even hurts sometimes when I'm asleep in bed and wakes me up.

It doesn't really swell up but it did look a bit puffy the other day

Any ideas?? And try explaining the above to my doctor [:@]

PIT xx

Male aged 34


  • jboyjboy Posts: 40
    sounds like it could be a pre patellar bursitis

    forget the GP unless he has a special interest in musculoskeletal injuries/ sports injuries (most dont) and go to private physio..will get an appointment much easier

  • Hi there....

    When you go to the Physio.... Please make sure that you tell him/her of any previous injury that your knee has had.... So many just dont tell of any injury history....

  • Thanks for that - I prefer the more manly name of housemaid's knee.

    Only thing is I don't really get any swelling.

    However what I forgot to say was I also play hockey and had quite a deep graze on my knee, I then found this on a website:

    "Acute bursitis can also be triggered by an infection when bacteria from an injury—such as a skin wound over the kneecap—spread into the bursa, causing it to fill with pus."

    That may explain a few things

  • HarriHarri Posts: 40
    Hmm sounds to me more like Patella Tendinitis. I've got it myself, had it now for nearly 4 months and despite physio, resting, icing etc etc it's still rather painful and massively interferring with my Ironman base training, Get to an Orthopeadic Surgeon and see what they say and see a physio too.

    Good luck!
  • jboyjboy Posts: 40
    let me know how you get on..i would be interested

    sounds like theres an inflammatory component to it so anti inflamms may be useful

  • husslerhussler Posts: 237
    I had a similar pain behind my knee cap earlier in the year.

    After seeing the doc, he said i would have to rest completely for minimum of 8 weeks! gave me some anti inflammatories and sent me on my way.... i was pi**ed off at this so went to see a physio mate, he said dont take the anti inflamms cos they will slow the healing process, then told me i had probably got patella tracking problems caused by a weak Vastus Medialis (the big lump of muscle on the side of your knee/Quads) this was causing my Patella tendons to pull my patella across out of its natural groove thus creating a new groove... not good news. He gave me a rehab prog to use for a week aminly loads of stretching.

    It was getting no better... i then decided to actually admit i may be injured so told my coach... he told me to do a 'certain stretch' and after doing this 'single stretch' only twice during that day, i found i could sudden train like i had immediately before the injury... as hard and intense as i wanted completely pain free!!! Pah what do Docs and Physios know! lol

    So give this stretch a try..... its really simple....

    Lay down on the floor face down....

    preform a quad stretch as you would do stood up. IE Grab the laces part of your foot and pull your foot upto your bum, remembering to keep your quads on the floor and push your hips towards the floor.

    You should really feel this stretch in your quads. Also you should be able to touch your bum with your heel with ease.... If you cant then gradually increase the stretch each time you do it until you can.

    Do this stretch for 10 seconds, and do 5 reps. Repeat it twice a day...

    Hopefully this will help! If not then it will at least give your quads a good stretch:)

    Good luck
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Friend of mine had similar, turned out to weak muscle, gym instructor gave him some exercises to build up the quads.

    I hasten to add that even though I am married to a doctor (eye specialist to be exact) my anatomy is not that hot.

  • i had same problem bought time rxs pedals worked for me
  • Hello this sounds very similar to what I had, I saw the doctor and he told me to rest. It still did not improve, so I went and saw a private physio, he was great and sorted it out. I still get it from time to time but mainly when I do not stretch properly. He also told me that I could still train so I was thinking of marrying him, but then realised my girlfriend would not approve. Good luck with the knee and the IM.

    Let me know how you get on.

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