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After mountain biking in the Peaks last week and getting wet/cold and then warming up afterwards with a hot bath, I have been suffering with chillblains on my feet all week. This cold snap hasn't helped much either!! Does anyone know whether it is ok to train with chillblains? How long do they take to go?


  • I suffer with Chillblains on my toes and fingers during the winter months. Fortunatly, mine have remained unbroken. The only advice I can give in to pick up some chilblain cream from the chemist. Also, try taking Ginkgo Biloba as this can help increase blood flow to the extremities.

    Avoid stepping into a hot bath until your feet are fully warmed up as this should prevent them as well.
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    I also am prone to them, I tended to find that if I accidently hit my bare foot against something - usually the bed leg that the shock seemed to get rid of them possibly by getting the blood flowing? It was very sore.

    Also on my Aunt's advice I have held chilblained feet up to the open fire and held them in thee heat (NOT THE FLAMES) for as long as I could bear... this worked but again do it at your own risk

  • FROGGY is this the right forum for sharing with us those weird, kinda out there interest's ??? [:D]

    Lady P Id have to plum for letting the body warm up the au Natural way, then jumping into the hot bath or hot tub, I suffer from poor circulation from old injuries and find that this work's for me
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    I've just developed one on each ear lobe!
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