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Cramps and Stitches

Have A training partner...who continually having stitches in the run. bad enough to pull him up. he is 14 year old and 6foot 1....is it a bike set up...core strength , diet ???????????



  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    No he's 14 and not developed enough to train at the level you have him at. Give the lad a chance and stop training with him until he's ready for it.

    As a coach of juniors PLEASE do not push this youngster to this level, get a stategy sorted whereby you train with someone else, and let him be the dominant one when HE trains with you

  • LionsLions Posts: 16
    Thanks for your thoughts. he trains with a squad of juniors. I am interested in your expanding the :not ready for this" comment? What previous experience has drawn this conclusion? Has this been backed up with anything?

    I look forward to your further coments
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Treefrog i sspot on, training partners should be someone of similar ability, so that you can 'partner' & bring each other on.

    Coaching on the other hand is leading, encouraging, educating, mentoring & much more, your charges can be better or not as good or anywhere in between, it does not matter because you are not partnering you are coaching, it is not your training session, you are there to coach. So in short dragging a 14 year old on your training is just wrong, unless you are coaching him, setting aside your goals & aims & cocentrating on his.

    How demoralising do you imagine it might be at 14 to have to keep dropping back/stopping because you can't keep up?
  • LionsLions Posts: 16
    Treefrog and britspin.....no dramas in your thoughts...as i coach of this group i actually do a lot of the sets with them, so i get to see this first hand. The lad isnt at the back and the sessions are designed for his ability and age. these only come on when running efforts are required and during his races. tree frog i wasnt having a dig, just seeing where you grabbed your thoughts from. cheers
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    OK, sounds good, I would perhaps look at diet, as in what & when he last ate or drank prior to training. Maybe he takes longer to get thoroughly warmed up than most, goes off too fast too early, altho' I am sure you would pick that one up.
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