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Olympic disyance training

Self Coaching and 10 weeks out from a racing block of 3 races in 4 weeks... interested in thoughts on runs sets up to that time....runs doing now are

basically doing brick sets once a week which include 5x (6 min bike build then 1k builds of run) also a

14k -16k run at 75-80% max hr....

30 min fartleg run and 2k run off one ride per week...

struggling on a speed session set and rest periods....had thoughts of 15 x 400 on 2 min holding 1.28-1.30......aim to run 40 min off bike......age is 40+ Thoughts???? [/ul]


  • sfullersfuller Posts: 628
    your post is very confusing.
  • Seems like you're doing plenty of training, but three races in four weeks. Also, looks like you're doing plenty of run training but how much work is being done on the bike? I do very little swim training, but then I have always been a swimmer and doing a couple of swim sessions a week would only make a small difference in the pool. Whereas a couple of extra bike sessions will hopefully improve times by minutes rather than seconds. remember, the bike leg is usually the longest section. A forty minute run off the bike is pretty good but then if your bike takes two hours......
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Also you could use the Key Sessions method. Basically train specifically in one discipline, next day light/off, another discipline the day after that, next day light/off, next day the third discipline, and the next day do the brick session
  • LionsLions Posts: 16
    Sorry, the format didnt come through as i imagined....What i listed there were my Run sets for the week. One is a Brick set...One is a longer run of 14-16k, One is a 30 min Fartlek and one is a speed session with 400's on 2 min....throw that in with 3 swims and 2 bike sessions....50k 70-80 % of max hr effort and longer 110 k effort...though will drop in distance in next few weeks.....hope that this assists
  • LionsLions Posts: 16
    Yeah, not a lot of chioce there. all qualifiers for Aust Age group team...Well done TA
  • LionsLions Posts: 16
    Hoping to hold 37kph on the bike
  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Looking at your long run - 75 to 80%. Drop this to 65 to 75%.

    Speed work1:30 for 400m isn't speed. Tie enough of them together & you would do 37.5min for 10km.

    Very familiar story of doing the easy runs too hard & the hard runs too easy. Nearly everyone does it because it is counter to everything we are told of "no train, no gain" etc

    Second those comments about doing key sessions. Recovery is as important as the training. Can only do quality work if recovered from other training

  • LionsLions Posts: 16
    Thanks HarryD

    Have a good one
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