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Jack Daniels run calculator

Is there any credibility in Daniels, Run Calculator? Some of the paces seems a little slow based on how i feel. I was going to splurge and buy his Book is it worth it and can it slot in easily with the rest of tri training


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    TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    I personally love this book, I bought it a little while ago after my times had stagnated slightly, I find the paces based on my run performances excellent. What you have to understand is that each pace there for a reason, and its designed to slowly build you up to a faster runner. If you know what I mean by VDOT I would say that you are only going to move up about 5-10 VDOTS max a year, if that. I personally think I'm a pretty good runner, 10k pb 31:05, 5k pb 14:45, and i have found it really good. The 5k pb was done after a few solid months with those training paces.

    I also like the way the book tells you why you are doing certain workouts, and what you are supposed to gain. It helps me keep slow on my long runs, so I can go for ages, and get the concept of lots of rest between repetitions as the aim is to enhance the economy of my running style rather than actually increase VO2 max.

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