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Hi Im new here.

Ive been training for 6mths now ahead of my first season of triathlon (Going to join a club in the new year) and putting in about 10 hrs aweek. As I come from a body building background I was very protein dependant. I have since lost one and half stone and down to about 8% BF (if my calipers are correct). I was wondering if anyone could post a typical triathlete diet for standard distance.


  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    get the weight down by upping the aerobic exercise and keeping the CHO (carbohyrate) low. Keeping the weight low is the secret to success - flying in the face of myself and others who train religiously etc - fat boys do not succeed - avoid beer, exercise like mad and remember the mantra : Energy in must be less than energy out! (the boy scouts will crucify me for this truthism!)
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