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Hydration Ironman

I am taking part in an Ironman race this year. I have already bought a profile drinks container that fits between the handlebars and I thought that I had better buy an additional drinks bottle to attach to the frame but when I went out to the shops to buy a bottle and cage and I fitted it, I found that due to the frame size (QR Seduza -small 700cc) I couldn't get the bottle out of the cage without clouting the frame everytime. I thought about buying a behind the seat style of bottle cage but then thought where am I going to put the saddle pouch to carry spare tubes & tools Etc.

Has anyone found the same problem? is it possible to buy a combined mount for bottle cage and saddle pouch? or am I looking at a problem that doesn't exist?


  • MrSquishyMrSquishy Posts: 277
    I bought one of these the other day so I could get rid of my saddle pouch and free up my seat post to tape my mini pump to (have yet to master the CO2 cartridge).

  • JustinJustin Posts: 15
    Conehead wrote:

    What sort of drinks bottle are you using? It might be bigger than the one they use on Ironman which are the PowerBar bottles.

    You could always splash out on a bontrager carbon side loading bottle cage, they're about £30 and made for that exact problem. The fact that its naked carbon is reason enough to purchase it frankly.

    I had an X-Lab underseat bottle cage, which cost about lost 4 SiS water bottles as they flew out over various bumps. With an aero-bottle and a cage bottle you'll have enough fluid on board your bike, the aid stations are never too far apart to run dry on the bike.

    You have got me thinking...get it bought. I am now on a mission !!!!! [:)]
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