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olympic distance swim time

Clare, I cannot tell you how this would be in competitive comparison, but you could do my swim leg of that race anyday! ;-))


  • squareclaresquareclare Posts: 99

    what is a good time for the 1500m swim?? i know it will be diffrent in a lake compared to a pool but last night i did it in 24:25.

    was just wondering what other people do it in??


    and yes i am an diot posted this in the events page!!
  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    If I am within 10 mins of that I would be very happy
  • FlavadaveFlavadave Posts: 749
    Think you're a bit off the pace Clare... 24.25??? Pah!

    Errrr.... sorry... 1500m right? You sure you don't mean 750m? That's bl00dy brilliant! Its got to be top 10% of a race hasn't it? Blimey!!!

    Teach me.
  • squareclaresquareclare Posts: 99
    yeh flavadave if you teach me how to run!!!

    i enjoy swimming and can keep at a pace for as long as i like, think that is around 44 seconds for 50m...
  • just2trijust2tri Posts: 198
    The winner in the mixed OD at the London 2008 event (not the winner of the swim, but who cares), did it in 24:28 .... do I need to say more?!
  • risris Posts: 1,002
    i managed about 29mins last night and i thought i was maybe just getting the hang of it.

    if i got anywhere near that on OD day i'd be ecstatic. i'll join the queue behind flavadave for lessons, although i don't think i have anything to teach in return!
  • squareclaresquareclare Posts: 99
    but how much differance does swimming in the river make??
  • squareclaresquareclare Posts: 99
    i think i get swimming as it is all about technique and mind numbing boringness when you do like 100 lengths!! will have a lot to lern on the biking and running though!![;)]
  • squareclaresquareclare Posts: 99
    in my dreams conehead!!...
  • JulesJules Posts: 987
    Blimey, 24 minutes! I'll be absolutely delighted with half an hour.
  • husslerhussler Posts: 237
    Thats a good time, I would spend more time on improving your bike and run, thats where you will get the most gains. regardless of distance the swim has minimal gains once you get that close to the main pack.

    I swim around 22:30ish in the pool for 1500m, open water around 21:30ish.

    Like conehead said above slowest Elites are 21mins. Those in Age Group racing who can swim sub 21 consistantly are those who have been swimming since they were 3 years old but then find they cant ride the bike or run with the same effect or just them odd ones that are gifted and can do the bike and run.... but then they become Elite level within a few years anyway.... keep the training up in the pool, with a little swim specific training youll knock 90s-2mins off that. But spending more time on the running and cycling would be far more productive.

  • JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    Hey I see you did Wattisham squareclaire. You enjoy it? I did it. Quite a high level of entry this year I thought.

    Airfield was something else though with the wind.

    Will see you at Cambridge :)

    Have you done any open water yet, as Cambridge Tri club do a session on a Friday at Histon Lake (very clean but short 1KM), and Lake gosfield also do one on Tuesday and Sunday (dirtier but longer).
  • squareclaresquareclare Posts: 99
    jason b would like to come do some lake swimming am swimming in the sea off of harwich on fridays!!

    any more info about gosfield lake??

  • EgilEgil Posts: 2
    Is there any difference between the swimming times in Rivers, Sea or in the pool. Please help.

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  • usually about 17min 49 for me
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Scarborough OD Tri,Sea swim,one competitor had a nightmare of a time,clocking 1hr 20 min,the sea state was a touch rough(probably the closest I've come to drowning),he finished the race and still clocked a creditable 50 min for the 10 k.
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