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Sorry - Rant - National Relays/Nottingham Tri

ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
Sorry don't want to rain on anyone's parade but afraid I have to get a couple of things of my chest - waited a week to calm down.

First of all really enjoyed the Nottingham Tri - it really is like a tri in a stadium, great atmosphere, great organisation ... rant begins.

Nat Water Sports campsite

OK, appreciate having a couple of hundred triathletes descending on you is a big undertaking but come on, 4 additional poratloos to supplement the 6 mens and 8 womens cubicles? Next year wouldn't it be an idea to get at least 6 more and hire a couple of extra cleaners for the weekend.

National Relay Competitors

You've had a great day, you go for a shower, shower gel/shampoo runs out ... wouldn't it be a spiffing idea if you took the empty container with you after your shower and put it in the chuffing great waste bin 5 metres away from the block ... alternatively you could just throw them all on the floor to block up the drainage channel. Whilst you're at it why don't you also leave your competitor wrist bands to accumulate on the shelves in the cubicles so that there is nowhere for someone following you to put their shamppo/gel?

Feeling in a good mood you have a BBQ and some beers ... I know what a brilliant idea to shove the empty beer bottles down the poratloos so that they block up.

Grrrrr, come on boys and girls please have a thought for someone else, I am not talking about a massive effort here but a moments thoughtlessness can put a real dampener on things for someone else.
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