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try before you buy

can anyone recomend somewhere i can try a wetsuit in an endless pool before i buy?

im in newmarket (S.E) so anywhere round here would be cool however if you recomend someone ill go..

Cheers, terry


  • GHarvGHarv Posts: 456
    Tri UK in Yeovil have one.

    Or if your back up North visiting TRi Central (Manchvegas) have one.

    Your local tri club will probably have someone who comes along to the open water swims and brings them along to tri.

    Also one the lof akes on the other side of the M25 where Richard Stannard coaches allow you to tri 2XU suits in the lake (think it may be www.openwaterswim.co.uk or via www.trisport.co.uk)

    Probably helps like piles but its a start!


    P.S. I bought a Foor from Tri UK last year and i know your supposed to try before you buy but i read the reviews about the different suits in 220 and no one sold them nearby. I could speak to Tri UK on the phone, they seemed to know (and did) what they were talking about so bit the bullet without trying and worked a treat.
  • cheers gharv,

    theyre the only 2 i managed to source on t'internet myself, swinging your arms in the shop isnt quite the same, i was hoping for something closer, looks like an opening in the market there!

    looks like i'll have to visit the homelands, it'll be emotional....
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