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Thinking of trying a triathlon

Newbie here - new to exercise and new to the site - so please be gentle ;)

Bit of background - 34 yrs old - male - not exercised since I was 14 - smoker :( - not exactly overweight at 75kg for 5'7" tall (was 80 plus kilos 6 months back.

Started cycling in August - nearly died of exhaustion after 200 yards .. now doing 10 miles every other night and 10 to 15 mile ride on a Sunday - covered 450 miles since I started cycling again.

Decided to try running about 6 weeks ago .. not the easiest thing to do but am now running every other night about 1.5 miles in 11.5 mins - thats about my limit at the moment but each week am increasing the distance by 1/4 of a mile (I find it difficult to run any slower or faster or longer - so am just trying to get the distance up slowly at the speed I run)

Not started swimming yet but looking into it at the moment - used to be a good swimmer in my early teens but the only swimming I have done in recent years is on Holiday in the sea.

My main aims at the moment is to get fit, loose a bit of weight, stop smoking and try my first triathlon in 2009 (Also maybe sign up for the Mazda London Sprint Tri).

Sorry for the long post but thought I would put my details down and see what comments or suggestions people might make. Great site you have here with lots of good info


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    bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    GO FOR IT!

    Up the bike distance and run as you go by; aerobic base is vital.

    Start swimming, swimming is very technical:you'll improve a lot by getting coached sessions that focus on technique,not by pulling out lenght after lenght(you can keep that for later[;)]).

    Stop smoking would help you a lot[image]http://forum.220magazine.com/micons/m8.gif[/image]. (not patronising, talking out of own experience[:)]).

    Train consistent, not 2 heavy weeks and then shattered for a week.

    Rest enough and eat healthier.

    Just a few thoughts,

    probably forgot a lot of important stuff here.[&:]
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    A good one for first timers is the Tatton Park Triathlon

    A Fun distance or Super Sprint has been added this year (Swim 400m; Bike 10k; Run 2.5k)

    The Sprint distance is (Swim 750m; Bike 20k; Run 5k)

    The Olympic distance is (Swim 1500m; Bike 40k; Run 10k)

    The swim is in a beautiful fresh lake (see BBC video on Home page)

    The Bike is quite a fast flat course

    The run is off road

    enter or register for the newsletter at: -


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    Couple things I do:

    1) Start small. Draw up a plan for yourself. Make sure it works with your schedule and try to be consistent.

    2) Keep a journal/log book of all training. It's useful for many reasons including a record of your improvement, and helping you not lose any motivation.

    3) Eventually buy a heart rate monitor. These things are god (like a personal trainer on your wrist).

    4) Limit alcohol/cigarettes to the weekend or just one night. All you do is make a rule to yourself. If it's friday night your allowed to have a cigarette(s), if not just wait for the next friday. I never feel a cardio decrease after having a cigarette (I have approx 1 cigarette every 2-3 weeks). The problem arises when you crack, buy a pack, etc. Not preaching but this is what works for me, easier than being like I can't have one ever again, thats like years and shit, lol...

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    GGBGGB Posts: 482
    Thanks for the replies - I will take note of your advices.

    Smoking and drinking are the biggest of my vices which are been cut down at the moment.

    I have no problem with the exercise I have been doing - other than the weather - Its just getting time to get the extra distances in with so much else going on at the moment.

    With any luck I shall be trying out our local pool later this week to see how I fare in the water - once I know my starting limits then I think I will join the local Triathlon club - they have winter training at the moment including - indoor Turbo sessions - Sat morning rides - outdoor running - swim training and strength training.

    My only concern with a club at this time is that I am not fit enough to keep up with them and don't want to hinder the other members, so want to see my limits first then have a discussion with them first.

    Thanks again for your help.

    Tatton Park tri looks good but is too far from me - I am in hampshire.
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    BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Welcome to the TRI life.

    You will now eat TRI sleep TRI and if you are rreally lucky DREAM in red and carbon!!!LOL

    So you've tackled the cycle thing and are running a bit. Dont go over board and extend the run to quickly. about 10% a week extra on distance will be a great way to build the stamina to be running 10 K's in good time in the summer.

    As Benny said swim swim swim. If you can master swimming you will have unlicked the secret of TRI.

    Good luck.
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    Just do it, you can't be any slower than I am.
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    Was pretty much in your current position 18 months ago and I've now moved up to 70.3 (half-ironman) distances next year. Once you get some base fitness and get past the point where your muscles are still hurting three days after some serious exercise then things can develop fairly quickly. Look at including an early season duathlon (ful-on Tri duathlon is an excellent event) or two. Once you've got some serious swimming pool hours logged, make sure you get some open water practice as it comes as a major shock to the system and takes a lot of getting used to - Try Liquid Leisure at Datchet (openwaterswimming.co.uk). As for running, work on distance endurance first so you get the confidence of at least knowing you can finish the distance, and then start putting some short sprints into the mix. Finally, if you join a club I think you'll be surprised how many others are at exactly the level you are at now.

    Good luck, enjoy.

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    GGBGGB Posts: 482
    thanks again for the suggestions .. much appreciated :D

    I did my first swim, in years, today. Quite suprised myself, spent about 45 or 50 mins in the pool lane swimming. generally doing 100m then a 20 second breather, sometimes a little more - each 25m was taking about 40 or 45 seconds on breastroke or about 30 -35 seconds on freestyle.

    I reckon I covered well over 900 metres in total but kept loosing count of how many 100 metre runs I did .. and even then some of those were probably 150 metres :S .. think I will invest in a length marker I saw on another post.

    I was swimming mainly breastroke as I couldn't get my breathing right on freestyle - though by the end of the session I was doing mixed and quite happily doing lengths of the pool.

    I definately think I need some swimming lessons though ;) and will heed the advice given and look into joining the local Tri Club.

    Ohh andyesterday I managed a 11 minute 1.5 mile and then walked/run another half mile - in total just under 15 minutes for 2 mile.

    Thanks again for you help and comments :D

    Think its time I bit the bullit and signed up for my first triathlon.

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    deeessdeeess Posts: 150
    having been pretty unhealthy with smoking and drinking i was pleasantly surprised to find the more i got into training the less i was willing to smoke/drink. i kept thinking that if i improved my lungs then the PBs would keep coming - it was quite an incentive to cut down
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