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Hi All,

Currently using polar hrm and bike distance gear (watch and bike meter)

Thinking getting a gps watch, ie sunnto or maybe the timex gps ironman.

All i really want is somthing that will measure the run distance and hrm, and obviously time (which i reckon is on all :) ) and display all onscreen so i can track it on the run.

Any suggestions? Somthing waterproof for swimming would be good. Have all my other gear so can spend a few bob here if needs be.




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    woodywoody Posts: 52
    I have the timex ironman bodylink system, and use it only for runnign now, did use it on the bike, and it works very well. The only anoying thing is the GPS seems to take 2-3 minuites to find the signal before you can start running, not nice stood out in the cold while it does this (I now learnt to stick it in a window for 5 mins first). Seems accurate enough, and everything you need HRM,speed,distance,pace etc are displayed on the watch.
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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    I gave up on the Timex because of that....first thing put watch & pod under bush in front garden, go & get dressed (!) lock up, pick up watch & pod & still have to wait..worked best in winter when I ran with the pod on top of my head under my hat...I really did this..not making it up...& even then it got confused by trees or buildings.

    Now I love my Garmin 305..but no swim capability..not really a prob I never swim with a HRM on anyway & up & down the pool I know how far I have gone, well I do when I don't lose count.
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    woodywoody Posts: 52
    Britspin. I agree under dense tree cover the siganl can be lost, but wear the gps unit on a fuel belt along with the data recorder.

    I don't wear a HRM for swimming, they don't actually work very well from what I've heard. Counting laps was always my downfall, solved that with 'sport count lap counter' from http://activeplanet.co.uk/scindex.php really great and I use it every time I go to the pool now, knowing how many lengths I've done each session.
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    I know it is off topic from this thread but I agree with woody that the sportcounter is an essential bit of kit - I got one and the days of thinking "now was that 98 or 99 lengths" are gone - simple and effective!!

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