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Chester Tri

Is anyone a member of Chester Tri club?

I've been looking at the swimming sessions they run for novices. Would the Sat pm or Sun am be better for beginners.

Also, do you just turn up, or do you have to let someone know you're coming?



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    JulesJules Posts: 987

    I joined in January. We're a friendly bunch, I've found.

    I go to the Sunday session (usually). Not been to a Saturday I think the Sunday and Saturday sessions are very similar though - all technique drills. They've been very useful for me to improve my stroke. I still have a long way to got but these sessions have helped a lot.

    You can just turn up. As a non-member you have to pay four quid instead of two fifty. I think there is a policy/expectation that after four or five non-member sessions if you still want to come along you should join. Membership is only £20 a year anyway.
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    benjobenjo Posts: 14
    £20 is quite cheap for the year. I think I'll go along tommorow evening!


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    benjobenjo Posts: 14
    I went along on Saturday, and although I really struggled with it, I managed to take 7 seconds off my 50m time in the pool this morning, just by using better technique. I'm well chuffed!
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