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Another 'which' bike post!

Hi Everyone....

I know this post has been done so many times - which bike, but I'm different (Honestly)

I've got a road bike - Giant SCR3 which I upgraded the groupset to SRAM Rival.

I've been looking at Tri Bikes fo about £1000.

My problem is I find a £1000 and it comes with Tiagra 105 stuff, which I think £1000 I should be looking at minimum Ultegra.

I know It not a tri bike but the Boardman team Carbon has a Carbon frame and 09 SRAM rival groupset which for £995 is pretty impressive.

But I've been looking at the Quintana Roo Kilo which has some Dura Ace components and really like the look of it.

so anyway my question......

Am I over looking any makes or other similar tri bikes? I would ideally like a tri specific bike - I'll try and keep my current bike for sportives and training.

Another option is the TRI UK packages, and sell the other kit I already have so I can get it for £1000.

See here:http://triuk.com/web/index.php/Triathlon-Packages/Triathlon-Bike-Package-3/flypage-ask.tpl.html

the bike it's self has only 105 kit - arhhhhh! for £1200 it should have more surely?

Please help![:@]


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    sfullersfuller Posts: 628
    Not necessarily... it all depends on the quality of the frame and wheels. Even some £3000+ bikes have ultegra when you would expect Dura Ace but the frame and wheels are good quality.

    105 is still a good quality set up.
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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Sfuller is quite right in a pre-built bike there is often a trade off between frame, wheels and grouppo.

    To be honest the I look seriously at a 105 equipped bike at a grand, as it could have a topend frame and wheels and have a toned down groupset. 105 is a good groupset, some bikes with Ultegra use the Ultegra as the hook and the the frame & wheels are not that great.

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    graham33graham33 Posts: 265
    Ok, thanks - i'll try to not be such a groupset snob!

    How do you know what a good frame is though.....That what i've always found hard!
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    hold off till next month graham33, Look's like 220 will be doing a review.

    Like you im interested in seeing the comparison between Road/Tri for £1000 have a short list of 3 road bike's for a grand Boardman(SRAM Rival) / Dolan(Shimano Ultegra) / Viner (Compag Mirage) all have great frame's which can be upgraded and tinkered with later

    So roll on next month

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    graham33graham33 Posts: 265
    Thanks Tri Dwarf.

    I'm going up to tri uk in Yeovil tomorrow, but i'm in not in a massive rush. - Got aquathon first!

    Look forward to 220 (as always)
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    boodogboodog Posts: 18
    I had the same problem when deciding and in the end bought the Boardman and I'm still really chuffed.
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