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I bought a QR Kilo and all the reviews say the only problem is the saddle.

I've only every had standards saddles and generally don't find any problems.

My question is are the expensive saddles (about £100) really worth it? Has anyone bought an upgrade?

I was looking at the Selle Italia Thoork for £76



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    Hi there,

    I 'had' to buy a new road bike last year after my old, second-hand one was pinched. I love it, but the saddle it came was very wrong for me (don't get me started on the whole female thing....)

    Anyhoo, I upgraded to a Selle Italia Sport - female specific - for about £60 and it was money extremely well spent. It's comfortable, cool (has a central vent) and hard-wearing being made from leather. I really love it.


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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Interesting saddle point.

    I suffer from sciatica and eventually found that the Selle Italia Carbonio was the most comfortable on my road bike, however when I put it on a tri bike it was so uncomfomfortable, the reason is that the change in geometry changed my seating position so I had to switch saddles to the Selle Italia SLR. (I may have got the model wrong!!)

    The reason is that the good road saddle is wider and the sides "fall away" slowly, but its the opposite on the tri saddle - the sides "fall away " very quickly.

    The answer to your question is that expensive saddle do not mean for comfort but the shape of your saddle does. Selle Italia have a try and buy scheme which is well worth while doing, pay a fiver try the saddle if you buy it you get your money back if not try another.

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    I've ready many threads and asked various people over the years, because I've never had a saddle I'm 100% happy with. What I've got back basically is there no right make or design out there. What is right for one is wrong for another.

    All you can do is keep trying (which can be a very expensive hobby), I've never heard of the Selle Italia try and buy scheme. It sounds excellent.
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    For the same price I recommend the Fizik arione tri 2

    I ve been using this for 6mths and well worth the money
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