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running help.....


As some of you remember I fractured my foot a month ago, I'm having it xrayed on Tuesday, and if it's healed I'm going to start running again.

When I broke it I was running 7 minute miles for 5 miles.

I have a half marathon coming up in 49 days I was wanting to train smart, but I'm erm....not smart so does anyone have any tips to get my speed back quickily.

I've generally kept my fitness up by swimming and cycling - Yes even with a fractured foot - ssshhhhh - don't tell the wife! [;)]



  • MGMG Posts: 470
    I feel your pain mate (literealy!!) I broke two toes on my right foot 5 weeks ago. Been swimming like a champ and cycling like a demon but my running has just started up again.......

    Needless to say with Ironman Switzerland looming I'm a wee bit down on my running training. However, your health should take priority so dont worry about speed cos to build speed you need to work HARD!! and that could aggrevate your injury, just put in some steady efforts for now. I went for a 10miler the other day (something that used to be a recovery run) and was aching like a B*****D for the next day, so you will have lost some stamina but it wont take long for it to return.

    Godd Luck and heal strong.

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