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Aquathon Question

I'm doing my first aquathon on the 22nd Feb in Devon (Dawlish i think)

Silly question - what do I wear?

Do I wear a tri suit and run in the cold all wet?

or get changed from trunks (pool based swim then 5k run)

I know it's a silly question.....but not ever been to one!



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    Graham, Bearing in mind that it might still be pretty cold, I wouldn't do it in the Trisuit. You'll be wet all the way around the run. I would either swim in your trunks and then put a pair of shorts over the top, or wear the short style trunks (like cycling shorts but without the padding) and then just run in these. Obviously with a t-shirt/vest to go with whichever one you opt for otherwise you'll look like a nutter!!!!!!!!
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