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UK Ironman

Hi, I'm new to this forum but not to Triathlon! After 15yrs of sprints olympics and 2 half Ironmans I've taken the plunge this year and am headlong into training for IM UK.

Ever since the entry confirmation came through I've had butterflies! I'm hoping that's a good thing!

The training is going ok'ish, I guess you never feel as though you're fully on top of it but things are going ok despite the British weathers best attempts to wash / blow / freeze me off my bike! The thing I'm missing is info on the race itself purely in terms of wanting to learn from people who've done it before, you know the sort of stuff....what's the lake like? bike route, run, crowds, is the call of nature catered for etc etc? all the stuff that you don't need to worry about in the shorter distances.

So...is there anyone out there who could share their experiences of this event with me?

Would be really appreciated if there is!



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    transittransit Posts: 163
    I've never done it but in addition to any advise you can get off people on here there is a good book doing the rounds called How Triathlon Ruined my Life. I've just finished reading it and whilst it is good cos it's quite amusing and a good story it does also talk a bit about the Ironman UK event including all the duck sh1t in the lake, the call of nature, hills etc.

    After reading it, I've decide to postpone my attempt until next year (or the year after or....)

    Having read a different post about this book previously it appears that the author also posts on this forum.!
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    I can't help, but you might be able to help me if you've done the UK HIM... Exactly the same questions, course, fuelling, toilets... I know it's hilly...
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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Tinted goggles if swimming into sun, test nutrition/feed plan in training,get all accommadation & travel arrangements sorted in advance, practise changing tubes under pressure al the usual guff! Good luck
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    bodhisattvabodhisattva Posts: 51
    hi i did it in 2006 . the lake is flat and wet , thats all i can say about it . the bike leg is ok there are a few hills but most are ok , one is quite long but you can get some serious speed on the down (40+ mph)if you feel brave . you have three goes at that . i used 53/39 11/23 gearing and found it ok . the run is good until the A road bit (which you do twice ), its a bit up and down . if you train well for the distances you'll be ok . try to enjoy it and just finish it . good luck

    bean machine i'm doing UK HIM this year not done it before so i can't help but will look out for you there .i'm the one with all the tattoos , come say hi if you see me good luck

    just thought loo stops are at feed stations but most people just pull up at the side of the road . some extreme folk pee on the move and then grab an extra water bottle to swill their seat ,legs etc
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    pacmanpacman Posts: 109
    Much like the other chaps are saying just enjoy the butterflies - they'll be there until you cross the finish line and they get worse as the race gets closer. You'll figure out all the feed stations and loo scenario on the day. Bring a couple of baby wipes in a plastic baggie for emergencies! Theres a thread from last year where myself and 4/5 other guys were preparing - it might give you a bit of a laugh. Remember to smile for the camera!
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    I am entered into IMUK too, 18 weeks and counting. Haven't done the course before but went down a few weeks ago to try the bike course out, I would say it's a good, but challenging course, from Sherbourne down to Dorchester is mostly downhill with a few climbs, then from the turnaround back to Sherbourne it's quite hilly with one fairly tough climb (only did 2 loops, 2nd one was tough).

    Have a friend who's doen the race so will add more info when i get it, but be great to keep this thread going to keep motivation going leading up to the race. I've got a half in 5 weeks (weymouth) and feeling ok, though my cycling is still a little ropey. Still, sure it will be fine. To help my case about to shut down from work and head out for a few bank holiday beers...

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    IRONMAN UK 2008 Courses

    Dear 2008 IRONMAN UK Competitor

    The 2008 IRONMAN UK Triathlon, will be taking place at Sherborne Castle in Dorset on September 7th 2008. This new later date, which was supplied by the venue owners, Sherborne Castle, has proved overwhelmingly popular with the athletes, with the 2008 event filling in record time.

    The new date has thrown up some interesting logistical challenges with another of the areas premier attractions, The Dorchester Show, of which IRONMAN UK has taken full advantage and, taking into account the feedback offered over the years changed the IRONMAN UK course, to hopefully offer a more spectator friendly environment - which is what previous years competitor feedback requested.

    After approximately 5 months of behind the scenes research, planning (and extensive riding and running!) the final course has been presented to both the Police and Highways and has also been driven and tested by all the authorities involved in the indepth decision making process. The new 2008 course has now been fully approved and authorised by both the Police and Highways, and therefore IRONMAN UK is able to now publish these fully confirmed course details.

    To summarise and answer the most eagerly anticipated questions, the Run will no longer run along the Dual Carriageway A30 to Babylon Hill, nor take in the infamous footbridge and the Bike will lose the Dorchester section including the stretch along the bicycle path. These changes are as a direct result of feedback from previous years competitors!

    Please Click below for the full bike and run course details for the 2008 IRONMAN UK:

    Bike Course 2008

    Run Course 2008

    By taking advantage of the date clash, IRONMAN UK have taken on board the competitors and spectators requests and provided a true IRONMAN course which is a diverse mixture of rolling countryside, fast descents, good climbs and technical corners, whilst retaining the fearsome reputation for which the IRONMAN UK course has become known (2360mtrs of climbing!!)

    Both the bike and run routes should also now offer a more spectator friendly atmosphere, providing your friends and family to support you more than ever! The Swim Course will remain the same.

    We look forward to seeing you on the start line on 7th September. Happy training!

    Yours in sport


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    scott298scott298 Posts: 122
    This will be my first Ironman UK!

    I wander how different the course is?!?!?!?!?
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    sfullersfuller Posts: 628
    Conehead, I read your book... its a good read and really enjoyable.... something Im sure your daughter will enjoy reading when older... (you said this was the reason for doing it)

    So you are doing IMUK again?
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    SimonBSimonB Posts: 12
    Hey Guys, thanks for responding, appreciate the input!

    I saw the course changes, looks good and in fact given that I only live 60 odd miles away I took a trip out to Sherbourne Castle on Monday.

    I have to say if you've never been there (which I hadn't) it really is a fantastic setting - great scenery and It looks just perfect for the event. Drove the A352 to Dorchester which looks like it will be a fun section!

    So, the butterflies have definitely set in now but I'm looking forward to it - sh*t I need to do some training!!

    For those who are competing let me know how your training goes.......I for one need to do more!!!!!

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    do trido tri Posts: 12
    HI Guys

    I live at Charlton Down which is the turn point on the new course , I look out of my lounge window and see one of the hills on the course-daily torture.

    I rode the new course last weekend having got the email late friday night.

    The first point is that according to my Garmin the new lap is 36.41miles as against 34.55miles so the course is longer -we are going to get the full 112!

    The first change is not going all the way to Dorchester which was a nice flat part -helps keep the avg speed going instead we have hill at Charlton Down which is give or take a mile long -this joins at the top onto the old course.It is quicker than going the loop to Dorchester but harder.This was the turnpoint when they ran the 1/2 Ironman from Sherborne in 2004.

    The course is then the same until around Holwell where it turns right onto a long straight good quality road -towards Crouch Hill.We then go onto a single track lane Sandy lane that takes us onto the main road which is ok some nice downhills.

    The extra loop at Alweston is a really beautiful single track lane- grass growing up the middle in parts! It is flat with couple of really sharp bends half way round-no warning road signs.Also there is a sharp hairpin to get onto the lane from the main road. Then its back onto the main course about 100m on from where we left it.

    I m looking forward to it as I completed the event in 2006 and vowed never again! Time makes you forget the pain!


    Do Tri[8D]

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    jon_gjon_g Posts: 318
    Thanks for the info do tri! makes it seem to real now though! it was all well and good when i entered last november and it was months and months away, but now it's only 4 months away!
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    Free WillyFree Willy Posts: 63
    Hi to everyone training for IMUK

    I will heading over to the UK for IMUK and am looking to get a couple of training/recovery rides in after the journey (assuming my bike makes it ok!), if there is anyone around the Gloucester area who could help me with some routes I would be grateful. I hope to be in the area around 26/8, so I will need to get rid of the jet lag pretty quickly. I am a 'back of the pack' triathlete so nothing too demanding and anyway it should be my taper anyway.

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