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Wanted: Cheap road bike!

Sold my lovely Cannondale road bike last year and am now spitting feathers[:@]!!! (However, needed the funds at the time).

Since then I have decided to attack triathlon and am now training on my mtb. I plan to put some slicks on for a couple of sprint tri's in march and may but realise now that I shouldn't have sold the cannondale (doh!).

What I am after is a cheap road bike - nothing special and cheap to which i can attach some aero bars - any ideas??


  • I have a Quintana Roo Kilo for sale, 105 groupset but addad a Dura Ace chainset and Profile Carbon X tri bars with grip shift, use aero seat post, only ever used for racing, not training.Very light and well looked after. Cambs. @ £550
  • OssyOssy Posts: 22
    Thks, but am looking for something a little cheaper.
  • i want £550 to buy that bike!!!
  • try chainreactioncycles.com they've got some cheap ones on at the mo (BeOneBriza 2.0 - £279 (was £400)). not sure how good they are though!
  • I think we're talking 2 different animals here
  • too true! [:D]
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