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New Guy and Book/Club Advice

Hi everyone,

I'm a new member of the forum and completely new to triathlon. Over the years I have done a bit of swimming, running and cycling, but never together and not for about 15 years. No part of any of this previous activity was structured with any sort of goal or aim in mind.

I was in Northern Ireland for a golf event in August and seen a picture of myself slouched in a chair - I didn't like what I saw [:(]. Turning 40 shortly after I came back from Northern Ireland I decided I had better get sorted out, joined the local David Lloyd gym etc. Slowly but surely I am beginning to see some benefits - nothing major, but dropping from 97 kilos to 86 kilos in around 4 months is going the right way. I also took part in the Great Winter Run round Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh last Saturday. It was only 5k but it was a start - although the wind was very strong I did scrape in a few seconds under 30 mins. I'm not going to threaten anything with that time, but my main goal was to get round, with my secondary goal being to break 30 mins in my first race.

I have just taken out a subscription to 220 Triathlon and my Feb 09 issue arrived a few days ago. I have enjoyed reading it. I am looking for some info/advice on what more experienced and knowledgeable forum members/seasoned triathletes think is the best book for beginners. I have downloaded info from the 220 Triathlon website specifically for beginners, but wonder what would be the best book out there.

Also, although I live in Fife, I guess my local Tri Club will be Edinburgh Triathletes. Can anyone out there give me some info - for example I imagine they are a sociable bunch, but can I go along for a look before I decide if I would like to join?

Any info given will be gratefully received. Many Thanks.


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