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Hi there I am new to Triathlon having just started training for my first.

I have run for quite a while and enjoy running with my ipod Nano & Nike + sensor which has helped me improve my running but is obviously useless for cycling. My current sensor has just given up the ghost & the battery died which has led me to start looking around at other things. I have been looking at something I can use for both & came across the Garmin 405 duathlon package on wiggle:


This seems to have everything I would need including a heart rate monitor.. I guess I'd need to buy the foot sensor to go with it so I could still get work out information when using it in the gym with a treadmill. I have had a look through various other threads regarding this and the opinion seems mixed at best. £275 plus whatever I pick up the foot sensor for is quite a bit of cash for me. Before I splash out I would like to know is this mthe complete package ? Does it do everything for running & cycling that most people need ? What other alternatives are there in this field that would work for both running & cycling ?

Any replies appreciated..



  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
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  • Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for the very in depth answer it was very helpful. I now have the Garmin 405 & accessories, so far it's looking good & I'm very pleased.

    Thanks again
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