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Aero Bars vs Drop bars

j27rtj27rt Posts: 102
Hi everyone,

I am hoping for some guidance; my main race of the season will be the Monaco 70.3 Ironman which has a rather hilly bike leg to say the least and my bike a Cervelo Dual Ultegra (http://www.racycles.com/triathlon/complete-triathlon-bikes/cervelo/cervelo-dual-ultegra-2008-bike.aspx) came with aero bars as standard. I believe that drop bars are better suited to bike courses like this as the chances of getting into an optimum aerodynamic postion are very limited.

So, would you change the aero bars in favour of the drop bars taking into consideration costs ie new bars, gear shifters etc, and that this is my first season in tri so I am going for the fun and experience of it not to compete with the big boys?



  • Hello! As novices too, we will be taking road bikes, with the standard drops on as it doesnt look like there will be much opportunity for using the aero bars. Hope trainings going well....
  • nivaghnivagh Posts: 595

    IMO, standard drop bars are definitely better on hilly courses, as aero bars are difficult for climbing on - not as easy to work out of the saddle for prolonged periods.
  • combatdwarfcombatdwarf Posts: 258
    I am currently pondering doing the exact same thing for the (also hilly) UK 70.3...total cost I recon will be £300 is for new cables/STIs/clip ons and handlebar...which replacement kit are you looking at?

  • j27rtj27rt Posts: 102

    I haven't decided on the kit yet, I was weighing up whether to change them or not. Then deciding if it would be better to get some quotes from cycle shops or to attempt the change over myself. What type of kit are you considering and will you be carrying out the work yourself?
  • TTX PROTTX PRO Posts: 225
    my advice is dont get aero bars unless your going to be using them all the time otherwise just get some reallly good clip ons
  • combatdwarfcombatdwarf Posts: 258
    At the moment I have the standard bontranger aero set up that comes with the Equinox range (aly horns and stryker carbon aero bars with dura ace shifters) but I am thinking a carbon drop handle bar with ultegra STIs and oval or something similar in clip ons

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