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HR Zones

Hi All - I'm after some advice, please.

I have my first tri in April and I'm following a plan on the downloadable beginners guide from this site. I've found my max hr and set my zones 1-4, at the intensities the plan suggests - all well so far. However, I've just read another article in another magazine that says there are 5 hr zones and they are at different intensities to the 220 plan. eg - 220 zone 3 = 70%-80%, other mag (tri+) zone 3 = 75%-85%.

Does this make any difference, which should I follow?

In anticipation of great advice - thanks.


  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Find a plan..stick to it.

    There are many zones, they don't all agree, but share similarities, stick with the one that fits your current prog, see how it goes & maybe try the other one after..compare & contrast.
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