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Tubulars before a race

Hi Every one,

Im new to Tubular tyres, and ive got a question about them before you do a race.

In training up to an event they are glued on. Should you remove the glue and tape

them on before a race?? (for the ease of removing if you get a puncture!) or have

them glued on for the race?? I do understand that the tape is not as safe as glue

at high speed or corners.

Thank you


  • julesojuleso Posts: 279
    I believe - use tubulars, get puncture, walk back to the start, dejected, in the rain.
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    The old clincher/tubular debate which inevitably leads to the glue tape debate!

    To be honest clinchers are a safer bet despite the small weight (and performance?) penalty. I now see tubulars as only being feasible in a cycling event where there are spare wheels available, as what Juleso is the cold truth!

    However how often do you puncture? And when you do - you're dead as far as winning is concerned.

    If you agree with this then glue them on - its much safer and if you do pucture walk home and live to fight another day...?
  • agent_tiagent_ti Posts: 306
    I was always told to use rim tape, and leave about an inch off opposite the tyre valve hole so you can actually get a tyre off i you puncture. Theoretically this is just as safe as glue unless youre descending on the alps tour de france style. Couple of guys i know who have tubs do this and havent heard any horror stories, has anyone?

    Guess you could glue the tyre and leave an inch glue-less, just the same im guessing but a bit more secure??
  • Thanks for the advise.... i know there is big debate between clinchers and tubs, and both have pro's & con's.

    I guess i'll give it a few months trial then make my mind up. Thanks again
  • Used tubs for the last 3 years for racing, averaging 30 races a year, only ever used tape, never glue and never had one come off the rim, infact even run a rear on my disc without tape once after a last min pre race change without any problem, wouldn't advise but does show you how tough it is to get them to come off. Although this may differ from rim to rim.

  • Thats good to hear... what tape is the better to use? Is Velox Jantex De Luxe rim tape any good?

    What have you been using?
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