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disaster strikes: knee pain with first tri just days away!

Aagh! What a pain! Mind the pun.

I first got it runnning 10 days ago. On the outside of the left knee, radiating up and behind the knee/leg.

Got some exercises for it, did no running and started to feel better.

Did a brisk walk tonight and, although no pain, I can feel its presence.

First tri is Sunday (Tatton - 5k). What to do people? I need some help!


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    MGMG Posts: 470

    Could be your IT band which runs from your hip down to the outside of your knee, this can become inflamed through increasing workload/mileage too soon etc.... I had this last year, saw a physio and it was sorted within a few weeks, still twinges now and again though. I would reccomend seeing a physio ASAP, stretching it and hot and cold compression, that worked wonders for me. Missing this one event might seem like the end of the world but if dont get it sorted it wont go away!! Hope you sort it, good luck!!


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    NKOTBNKOTB Posts: 20
    Thanks MG. I'll get on to it ASAP!
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