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petition for improved cycle path following death of twickenham cyclist

Hi there

At the end of November, Mike Fletcher, a Twickenam Cyclist and

campaigner for improving cycling conditions in London was killed by a

[/align]car exiting at spped from a industrial estate as he rode down the A4

off road cyclepath by Gillet Corner. This has been quite devastating for TCC and we

[/align] are campaigning for significant changes to be made by TFL to the A4

cycling infrastructure.

One of the councillors for Brentford where Mike lived has set up a

petition to get the cycle path improved

The A4 cyclepath, although in Hounslow, is maintained by TFL. This

means that although the council have indicated that they are very

supportive of significant improvements to the cycle path it is TFLs

decision over whether they chose to fund and implement it. TFL are

having conversations with Hounslow Council about the possibility

however we've been told it could require some lobbying and that help

from the cycling community would be grately appreciated

The paper petition has some 500 signitures. I asked Cllr Matt Harmer

if he could set up an online petition as it is easier to circulate:

> http://www.gopetition.co.uk/online/24413.html

I would be extremely grateful if you could sign the petition on the

hyperlink and send it to anyone else that you think would be

interested in signing, particularly any other cycling groups

Many thanks

Jo Foster
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