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Rother Valley Sprint Tri Report

750m Swim / 25.4km Bike / 5km Run

Up bright and early Sunday morning, porridge for breakfast, all good.

Registered early, set up in plenty of time, race brief, all good.

Start time 08:25, water temp 13deg - wetsuits complusory.

And we're off, swimming out to the first marker and I am in the top 10 of the swim, going at a nice pace and feeling ok, rounded the first turn, and felt like I wanted to burp, so I let it out - oops I didn't mean to throw up !!! - now not so good. All energy just drained from my body, and I found the remainder of the swim like I was going uphill and exited the water near to last.

Swim Time: 16min 11sec

T1 - took an easy jog back to the bike, just to get my bearings, I had previously taken 3inches off the bottom of my wetsuit, so that flew off, helmet on bike out and off I went

T1 time: 1min 48sec

Out on the bike, I knew the route which helped immensley and managed to claw back quite a bit of time and several places, but I had to push really hard which in hindsight may have been a bit too hard, as the route is almost all ups and downs (more ups than downs).

Bike time: 52mins 32secs

T2 - Off the bike, shoes on pedals and run through transition, big mistake, transition was on a car park and covered with small stones (ouch!), bike racked, trainers on (ahhhh!) and off for a quick 5k - or so I thought

T2 time: 1min 03secs

Out for the run, and the usual lethargic leg syndrome kicks in, but I am expecting it to subside, but no it gets worse, and I feel like I have a deep sea diving suit on. 4km in and I am feeling dejected but I know how much difference a minute can make to a placing, so I dig deep and find an extra 0.5kph, I manage to overtake 2 other competitors that were fading towards the finish (they had previously passed me), and at last the finish line.

Run time: 24mins 11secs

Overall time: 1hr 35mins 51secs

Cat Posn: 19th

The wind was very blustery in places, and normally head on, but the rain held off thankfully.

In my opinion another great event by pacesetterevents.com


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    brizzichickbrizzichick Posts: 166
    great report gavin....well except the thorwing up bit! glad i wasn't around you when that happened [;)] sounds like you had fun regardless...good times for your T1/2! on to the next one eh?
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    gavinrigg06gavinrigg06 Posts: 176
    Thanks Brizzi,

    Yep, time to forget about this one and look forward to Hatfield in July, got some sea swim practice in Turkey comming up next week - wahooo...
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