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Doing tri abroad (spain)

Now I've got my first tri out the way I'm looking to sort my next few for this year out. Doing one abroad towards the end of the year, particularly the barca tri has taken my fancy due to the nice weather compared to hear at that time of year!

It sounds great but I just have a few thoughts niggeling me. Firstly, If i do a tri such as this, am i going to have problems with the language thing? I know lots of spanish people speak English but am I going to have issues when I'm over there with understanding the course/registration and such?

If i sign up,will i receive correspondance through the post, and will it be in english?

How much is getting my bike etc. likely to cost with your average airliner?


  • mumu Posts: 24
    Hi dantheman, I did the Barcelona Triathlon last year. It was very well orgnised and had no language problems (I don't speak Spanish). It was a great day and warm. The bike is fairly technical and is draft legal. If you race with Aero bars, make sure they're complient, otherwise you'll be asked to remove them. I think they have to be short and have a connecting piece at the end. The run is along the shore front and the breeze off the sea is welcome. The only niggle with the run, is that they soon ran out of drinks on the course. I'd hope, with feedback, they might provide more this year.

    It was my first overseas Tri too, and I think it's good. I like Barcelona a lot.

    As for flights, I can't remember the price, but the Flights hotel and race totalled about £300. Got a dhb travel box, from wiggle, for my bike which was good value, and well worth the investment judging by the scrapes on the outside when we arrived back.

    I hope this is helpful. If you have any other questions let me know and I'll try and help.

  • danthemandantheman Posts: 15
    Thanks mu, that's great to hear then, think I may well be persuaded!
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