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What to wear?

Hi all,

Im doing the stratford 220 triathlon in a few months and it will be my first one, but i'm unsure what I need in terms of clothing? As it is pool based will people just be wearing trunks, wetsuits or trisuits(are these the same as wetsuits?)


  • JulesJules Posts: 987
    Would imagine some tri suits and some trunks and t shirts. Not many wetsuits, especially if it's a sprint?
  • For ease of use i would go for a tri suit but put a jersey out with your gear to chuck on if needed. Plus a number belt.
  • If it's a pool swim then there won't be any wetsuits. You have two choices - a trisuit (an all in one, very light and stretchy singlet/trunks combination that you can swim, bike and run in. There is a bit of chamois in the seat so that you don't sterilise yourself on the bike leg - look on wiggle.com and other websites to see what they look like), or swimming trunks with a t-shirt added at transition. You could also buy a two piece tri suit (shorts and separate singlet), but if you're going to shell out then it's probably best to go for the one piece trisuit.

    If you're going for your fastest possible time (rather than just trying to finish) but you don't want to buy a tri suit then I'd go for tight (i.e. not baggy) trunks and t-shirt - otherwise you'll look like a parachute on the swim and bike legs.

    If you do an open water swim then you just wear your trisuit under the wetsuit and take the wetsuit off after the swim i.e. do the bike and run legs in just a trisuit

    good luck

  • Thanks for all the replies, that's cleared things up for me now, i'll probs look to invest in a tri-suit then [:)]
  • julesojuleso Posts: 279
    If you're quick you could get one of last year's nice and cheap.....
  • I'm new to the sport but did do a lot of general cycle racing some years back. I'm trying to find out where people get their kit. I've had some good stuff from www.cycleclothinguk.com but was hoping someone could suggest some alternatives. Looks like the online retailer are the best option.


  • MrSquishyMrSquishy Posts: 277
    Fredsmith, have a look at this thread from a few weeks ago...

  • bathtubbathtub Posts: 280
    Plenty of bargains here http://www.probikekit.com/display.php?cat=WAREHOUSE%20CLEARANCE

    Have to admit never used them myself but got sent the link from a friend
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