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Life as a bloke is meant to be simple. We go to a shop, see something we like and buy the damn thing. But I am at a loss, what brand of wetsuit do I buy? Foor? Orca? Blue Seventy? 2XU? The choice is mind boggling. Any advice or recommendations would be welcomed.




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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    The most expensive one that fits you
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    JulesJules Posts: 987
    What's your budget?

    Have a look at 220. They have a round up of recommended wetsuits (and most other stuff) at various price levels towards the back of each issue.

    I've got an Orca S2, which is the recommended cheap one. Haven't actually used it yet though, so can't be of much help!
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    husslerhussler Posts: 237
    I had the same problem last year... So many to choose from. I think at the end of the day pick one that you find the most comfortable.

    I was going to get an Orca 3.8 as I couldnt justify spending the extra £80 on the 2XU V1 batman suit. But then one of my clubmates let me borrow his Blue Seventy Helix 2007 suit in a race.....

    WOW was this comfy...and I hardly knew i had had it on as the shoulders are that thin..

    This made my mind up so i bought a 2008 Helix as it was reviewed as being even better than the 2007. It is an amazing suit.

    I am 3 mins quicker over 2k in this suit than my previous foor quantum 2 suit. I think you can pick a 2008 suit up for around £260 ish now. Well worth the money. I would stay clear of the suits less than £200 to be honest, for a few reasons.

    1) Youll spend say £150 on a suit then when you become a better swimmer youll want a thinner suit so then you will buy a suit costing more than £200 hence you waste £150 buying a suit that wont help you that much

    2) If your least favoured leg is the swim, then a thick suit will make it harder to hold a good technique and therefore you might aswell swim with your clothes on.

    3) I know that people think that spending £250+ on a wetsuit might be too much money etc but it is well worth it. You will leave the water far more refreshed and therefore be able to put more into your more favoured areas.

    Hope this helps :)
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    BARNYBARNY Posts: 157
    You wouldn't buy a car without test driving it.
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    THE YEOTHE YEO Posts: 20
    You must try before you buy and ensure firstly that you get the perfect fit. No looseness in the crutch and tight around the base of the spin. A good wetsuit lets little water in - about the amount of an egg cup.

    I've been lucky enough to use 2XU Elite and try the latest Orca Apex 2 and both left my shoulders feeling tired as the flexibility around the top was too tight. In addition, with the zip going from bottom to top, the zip top allowed water in. Then last season i tried the Helix from BlueSeventy - OH MY GOD, this suit is amazing, not only is the rubber the very best, but the flexibility around the shoulders is like chewing gum and i would exit the water without any tiredness. It allows you to get into your stroke and not fight the suit. No need for any gimmics on the suit - pure joy. Plus with the zip in reverse, top to bottom - the seal around the neck it ultra tight.

    This isn't a sales pitch, but I love the suit so much that they are sponsoring me this season. Come to the TCR show and try one on - you won't regret it.
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    agent_tiagent_ti Posts: 306
    Definately at least try it on before you buy it, certainly if its your first wetsuit for that brand. Even better is to swim in it first, some places do weekend hiring where you can hire it for the weekend to check its right for you and buy a new one, or that one, after (though why you would want to open swim at this time of the year, have no idea!). Some places also let you try it in an endless pool, which is even better
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    If this is your first foray into wetsuit swimming, I'd hire one.

    I hired mine (a QROO) like it and kept it. The hirers just kept my deposit. Simple, and I got effectively a seasons trial.
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    moobsmoobs Posts: 14
    Thanks for all the helpful responses. I am going to go and try out a couple, find one that suits, and hey presto.
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