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Which Transition rucksack

Hi, I'm looking to get a transition rucksack. I've seen three reasonably priced ones - TYR, Blue Seventy and Saucony. Can anyone give a recommendation as to which one to buy? I've only seen them on-line, so no idea which one is best.


  • THE YEOTHE YEO Posts: 20
    It depends on how O.C.D ish you are - i had the TYR for a season and to be fair it was great. Pockets for everything and the bottom sections is great for the wetsuit as it extends out. BUT last season i've used a NORTH FACE medium duffel bag and it's bomb proof and water proof - the TYR showed signs of wear after 6 races.

    Some people even use plastic boxs - why i don't know as they always look in trouble when carrying them - i reckon it's because the pros use them in transition - pants is my opinion
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