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The trouble with Cycle 2 Work !!!

So whilst taking the plunge into Duathlon, and Triathlon next year i'm gonna make use of the Cycle 2 Work scheme, however with Halfords holding the short and curlies here, your comments gladly welcomed:-

Boardman Carbon @ £1000 or the Comp (ally) @ £650? [&o]

Also what are your thoughts on using a seperate Training bike (B'Sport 3) on the road's whilst the weathers a bit poo, along with a Turbo trainer


All this and more from the Newest of the New, the 5' nothing Tri~Dwarf.


  • graham33graham33 Posts: 265
    Hi, if you go to the cycle 2 work scheme web site there are many shops do the scheme so you aren't restricted to Halfords. Even online companies do it - like http://www.evanscycles.com/ride2work

    so really there is alot more choice!

    I'd go Carbon - and if you read enough posts on here red carbon seem to be all the rage [;)]
  • JulesJules Posts: 987
    Some employers specify which supplier you must use to buy through the scheme.

    I've heard of Halfords ordering in bikes direct from the supplier if they don't usually stock them. Might be worth asking.
  • boardman carbon. Great spec for the money in my eyes.
  • Tri~Dwarf,

    I had the same problem in June last year. I decided to buy a bike on the C2W scheme, but my employer was solely dealing with Halfords - we could not get our bikes from anywhere else. It was solely a restriction my employer put in place.

    Once I decided which bike I wanted - at the time it was a Hardtail MTB made by Cube - I approached Halfords. To start with they said they didn't source Cube bikes, but a few weeks later they said they could. Basically I was told that if it was a bike that was generally available in the UK then Halfords should be able to source it. Eventually in late July, I took delivery of my Cube LTD Race and am very happy with it.

    Don't be put off by the fact it's Halfords - they should be able to source most bikes. Good luck.
  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Many employers use Halfords as their provider for the cycle scheme. However, do not confuse "Halfords Cycle 2 Work" (the provider) with "Halfords" (bikes and chavvy car accessories supplier).

    Halfords Cycle 2 Work can and will order bikes in from just about any supplier. There are a few restrictions, however: it must be direct from the manufacturer; it must be the current catalogue model; the RRP must be below £1000.

    There is no 'topping up' or adding to the value of the bike on Cycle 2 Work - not any more. Some providers (notably Cycle Scheme) let you get away with it despite the Inland Revenue saying you shouldn't but Halfords stick to the letter of the law in this respect.

    Somewhere in your literature there will be a note saying "Can't find something you like? Then call our team of experts on 0800 bla bla bla and we'll try to help.." or similar.

    Given them a ring. When I called them last year they were able to provide the Focus Izalco Tria (although I think the cheapest Focus tri bike is over £1000 now) and any other Focus bikes under £1k. I think there was a CAAD-9 option with Tiagra (or possibly a CAAD-5) which came it at £950. They also tried to push a 'unique to Halfords' Viner import on me.

    In the end I went with a Dolan Mythos: carbon/Ultegra for exactly £1000 which is brilliant, although in fairness (and in common with most bikes at this price) it could do with a wheel upgrade.

    Anyway, don't feel you are limited to Boardman bikes (though they are very good). Give Halfrauds a call and see what they can do. Just remember those limitations I stated above.
  • see, If you dont ask you dont get.

    This is why Forums are way forward........!!!

    Will be putting this to my Halfords, and wont be fobbed off !!!

    Ta very much
  • deeessdeeess Posts: 150
    i have just ordered a cannondale MTB through the halfords people - they were really helpful - definitely recommend them
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