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Just gonna pick yer brain's

1. What's the gang's take on Campag groupset's over Shimano?

2. Thoughts on Miche Race wheel's

and finally

3. Viner bike's, anybody got one or any thoughts

come on ya brainy bunch give me yer view's/opinions


  • agent_tiagent_ti Posts: 306
    Personally Ive got SRAM red which I think is excellent, the shifting is brilliant and really intuitive, but to be honest if you get the top left level stuff of all 3 its gonna be good. I dont like campag personally because of the thumb lever for changing up (or down?) gears, and didnt like the hoods, but havent tried to new ones. Got cheap shimano sora on my commuting bike, and it just clicks happily away with very little maintenance, certainly less than it should get
  • DedeDede Posts: 35
    choosing a groupset mainly depends on what you are using already and sticking to what you find works for you. if you are considering cost, weight, aesthetics you'll find so many q & a's relating to this. As for Viner coincidentally I was on a sunday ride just gone with a woman who was riding a full carbon with campy carbon groupset its a beautiful looking bike with a good color scheme her husband is a uk distributor. She says she loves it as we talked about her bike.
  • I ask because I'll be choosing between a Boardman Team Carbon or a Viner Gladius Carbon and im trying to get to grip's with the differences, equipment wise between them, both are coming in at around £1000, (although the Viner's on their website is around £1500)

    The Boardman scored a whopping 10/10 in Cycling plus so its a toughy !
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    The Campagnolo Shimano choice is up to you. Generally I found that all the Campagnolo groupsets work very well but the lower Shimano models are not as smooth as the top end ones. I always go Campagnolo!

    I've heard of Miche wheels, do they come as standard on Viner frames? The best place or a good place to check out Miche is the weightweenies road forum. They may be rebadged Corimas or something else?

    Viner are a good frame they get excellent write ups in the cycling press. One word of caution is that many Italian frames are built for Italians in Italy ie smaller guys who ride on silk-like roads. I have a beautiful De Rosa Merak but haven't ridden it in years - it's too flexy!
  • thanks Treefrog, does 5'7" count as a smaller guy ? [:D]
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Yes you'd get in on a Latino ticket! As usual try the bke out,especially on a short tight hill and watch out for flexing - you'll hear it - it will sound like the drivetrain is grinding or that the bike "wants" to change gear.

    Incidently try the Miches out on the same hill and listen and feel for the brakes rubbing. Also try an all out sprint throwing the bike from side to side a la tour sprint finish and once again listen and feel for flex.

    I doubt that the Miches will flex they look "overbuilt" but that's a good thing for triathlon as weight issues are less important than aero and stiffness ones. As for the frame they also appear to be well built so it should pass muster
  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Tri~Dwarf... If you're looking at the Gladius Carbon and Boardman bikes then I'm guessing we're back to the old Halfords Cycle2Work scheme again? Halfords are offering the gladius carbon for £1000 as a special.

    tbh I was a bit put off by the mix 'n' match campy and own brand groupset (although they say it is the same as campy???). Also I couldn't fnd much info on those wheels, so they were a bit of a risk so far as I was concerned.

    I spent my £1000 on the Dolan Mythos, which so far as I was able to check uses the same frame as the Viner (see also Ribble, Dedacciai, and possibly Planet-X) but adds a full Ultegra groupset to it. Also, the Mavic Aksium wheels on the Dolan, while a bit low-end like the Miches, are well known reasonable performers and are at least slightly aero.

    Whatever you choose... if you put a bit of thought into it and make sure it fits then for that money you're going to be chuffed. Enjoy your shopping.
  • Damn Bopomofo you saw through my ruse ! [:D]

    and yep its back to the Halfords vibe again, although I'm more clue'd up on the spec front, so its off to Bikehut - St Paul's, London. for a size-ing up & a go on the Turbo Trainer to ensure everythings tikkity boo then a bike owner I shall be,

    Likewise Bopo I wasnt sure on the Viner as ive been told its not the same spec as the Gladius on the Viner website, (and in addition ive been told by a LBD that Viner no longer make the Gladius as its been superceeded) the Halfords Viner has Campag Mirage and not the veloce, Boardman Carbon having SRAM Rival - Dolan Methos, Shimano Ultegra;

    And I spent most of last night trying to find details on the Miche Race wheel's to no avail...

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