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Giant Bikes / Pedalon

Good evening chaps, basically, I am going to buy one of two bikes from Pedalon; the defy 2.5 or the Defy 2.0, I think I'm just after some kind of re-assurance, and I honestly think I'll go with the cheaper 2.5 (triple + plain colour). Can any of you suggest / justify the extra £100 for what seems like not much more to me? Or do you think there is a big weight difference.

Will be buying from Pedalon due to their podium point system - I can get extras I need for nothing, which otherwise, I would have to buy totalling a lot more than I intend to.

Thumbs up? I've only heard good stuff about the Giant range so far..

Will be riding 30 - 60 miles per ride (pennines) about 2 -3 times a week in summer.

Cheers in advance for any comments / thoughts..
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