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Dura-Ace Groupset + Wheels

I've currently got the Cervelo full bike for sale but don't think I can part with the frame! [:(][:(] therefore i'm selling the full Dura-Ace groupset and Dalkiia wheels seperately...

Dura-Ace groupset (chainset, rear mech, cassette, front mech, STI levers, cables, calipers, chain, bottom bracket) Dura-Ace pedals plus cleats (boxed). Ex shop/demo parts so less than a mile on them.... Retail £949.00.... Offers welcome

Dalkiia Wheels - 60mm carbon deep section rimms, areo flat spokes, shimano hub, clinchers, continental grand-prix 4000 tyres, spare conti tubes (boxed) Again, ex shop/demo so less than a mile on them... Retail £550.00.... Offers welcome

May still sell full bike if someone twists my arm!!

Email Matt on [[email protected]][email protected][/email]

07823 555660


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