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Cycling question

Hoping for a bit of help from some of the experienced cyclists on the forum.

I'm a pretty piss poor cyclist if I'm honest (20k PP = 39mins). At the moment I'm busy trying to get the miles in at the weekend. But does anyone have any shorter workouts i can mix into my mid-week sessions/commute (14 miles each way, about twice a week when the evenings get a bit lighter)?

I especially want to get better at hills as I am doing Blenheim for the third year running...

Cheers all


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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    You probably are aware interval sessions are the way forward, you will need a good computer.

    I usually use 10 minutes as the standard and build interval programmes around that ie 5mins on/5mins off, 2 mins on/3 mins off X 5 etc.

    You may find this a bit streunous at first so possibly work around 5 minutes.

    One possible plan is to do a 5min piece as fast as possible record average time and then try to repeat it after a 5 minute recovery. It will not be easy but go for it.

    Alternatively get out with a bunch who are slightly above your standard and stay with them. What will happen is that they will look after you - drop their speed when neccessary and you will increase your speed to keep with them. This is an excellent way to improve cycling as you not only gain speed but also advice, local knowledge and new mates
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    I'm a retired profesional cyclist, been racing in europe for years if you want help please see e-mail below.

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