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Wisdom tooth - part 2

MowfMowf Posts: 272
Following my Wisdom tooth post, I am happy to announce that i now have a 'complication' know as dry socket. Basically it hasnt healed properly and my jaw hurts (a lot) as a result.

The reason for my whinge is that my dentist said i could crack on with training. Bonus.

However, i am struggling to eat properly and so dont have the energy (the pain thing is a bit of a hinderance too). My planned 30 minute tempo run turned into a 12 minute tempo run... Does anyone have any really good, smooth, nutritiousm, energy packed soup recipes?

Cheers all,

Oh, and has anyone tried blending Soreen?


  • combatdwarfcombatdwarf Posts: 258
    Been there - can sympathise on the pain. The good thing is it does clear - keep up the salt washes though...
  • You could have a look at some of the supplements in your local chemist - things like fresubin/fortisip/fortijuice are milkshakes and juices and I think if you drink about 10 a day its equivalent to a normal diet - well, kind of.... They also do build up milkshake and build up soup. Might come expensive for a full on sustinance plan but all useful as supplements and very protein rich (although be warned, they are a bit of an acquired taste....)

    Get yerself to a pharmacy and see what they are hiding behind the counter!

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