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Eating for post work training

Hello there,

I hope someone has some good advice on eating at work. Basically, i work in an office every day until about 17:30 and have a 30minute commute home. My local swimming pool is only open until 8 on 3 nights of the week, meaning i have to go straight from work. Usually when i get there, my stomach is growling and i really dont feel like training.

I would love some suggestions on something i could eat at around 4-30 ish to tide me over. At the minute i am experimenting with Fruit and Fibre cereal with a banana on the way home. Does anyone else have anything that they do and that seems to work? Any answers appreciated - even if it involves eating red carbon fibre.

Cheers all.


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    jonnnijonnni Posts: 32
    No expert but my usual is a couple of jaffa cakes - I know some super fit Tri experts will tell you they have too much simple sugar or such like but at 44cals a pop I swears by them also very useful before the start of a race - easy to eat, easy to digest

    or sometimes malt loaf - this must be net negative calories due to the effort to chew using more energy than contained in loaf!

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    bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Bananas can be taken anywhere, are ready to use, consumed within a minute and contain lots of good things to pull you through that workout.

    Or combine with milk/choc milk and bread with peanut butter 1-2 hours before.
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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    This will be contraversial. But here goes!

    I'm in the middle of a weight loss programme (I ate and drank way too much over the Christmas break).

    I have decided to do Ramadan in reverse! I do not eat after 5.00pm.

    My job is a medium demand job, I leave the house at circa 7.30am after a light breakfast. I eat what I can pick up in the staff room (clue!!) which varies, then I have a tuna baguette for lunch. I go coaching - loads of cycling at low speed for 4 hours, not counted as training!! - I then do my own training (see thread) and then home circa 7.00 - 8.00pm and a jam cracker with coffee.

    The problem is at weekends where I drink too much despite training too much!

    Anyway the weight is falling off me.

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    julesojuleso Posts: 279
    I made some muffins using wholemeal flour and sultanas; they're fairly healthy. I froze them and have one a day in the afternoon at my desk. I am getting a bit fed up of them......but they stave off the hunger til after training and they're nice and cheap.
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    WilkoWilko Posts: 23
    oooo, the muffins sound good.

    I would say anything in moderation, that is what I go for. Combination of Bananas and Malt Loaf works well for extra speedy 'transitions' from work to training.

    Used to be in the pool more or less straight from school as a kid, most times full dinner within 20 mins of starting training - only barf'd once....
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