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Multiple sessions

MowfMowf Posts: 272
Does anyone have any examples of good sessions that double up well? I.e. before work and after work in the week?

This will be my first season at Olympic, having focused on sprint distance last year.

My background if needed for good advice:

Swimming – slightly above average (judging by results). Used to be a club swimmer but have never been particularly fast. 400pb = 6.30ish, 750pb = 13:50ish 1500tbc…

Cycling – piss poor, the less said about that the better! Seem totally unable to transfer any sort of power into the road for any length of time.

Running – Good level of base fitness as have run for a while. But need to work on speed – current straight 10k pb = 39.00, 5k PB (in a tri) = 19.05

Also, should I be carrying on with the slow base run throughout race season when the majority of the training is high tempo? Or does this get ditched in favour of tempo running and interval work?


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    JessterJesster Posts: 482
    looking at your times my friend, i think youre being a mite too hard on yourself. i'd love to be sporting those times right now!!!
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