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On the wagon...

...i know there was a thread recently about drinking but i never got involved and there was a good reason for that, i drink too much! But I've made a decision that it really has to stop if I'm in any way serious about doing my best in Triathlon (and i am). This weekend i have polished of 12 cans of beer, a few glasses of wine and a couple of pints with my carvery lunch!!!!! How can i call myself an 'athlete' and be doing this to myself?

It stops NOW.

There are many reasons for this but i will list them (if for no other reason than to look at them every day to keep me spurred on).

1. It is bad for you!

2. It costs money that i could be spending on new red tri gear.

3. It effects my recovery/training/progress/fitness

4. It is the reason i still have a small 'podge' - and why will be ashamed of myself when i put my tri-suit on in public

These are just a few....please feel free to add more, in fact, the more reasons i (we) have the better.

Hi.....my name is Gary Roberts.....i'm trying not to sound too much like an alcoholic!


  • JulesJules Posts: 987
    I rely on the certain scientific knowledge that red wine must make me go faster [8D]

    Seriously, that's an impressive / scary intake for a weekend.

    Have you resolved to not drink at all or just to cut down?

    I drank four beers on each of Friday and Saturday. I know this is a bit too much and would get me banned from entering any races organised by Treefrong or Conehead, but I don't care! I was out on the bike on Sunday anyway. (No training on Saturday as I had to paint a bedroom and put up a wardrobe).
  • How do you train the next morning?![:'(]
  • Good luck Gary, I've recently resolved to do the same, however, friends birthday drinks friday night resulted in a fall off the wagon and whiskeys till 1am. Next day was tough but had swim session with a friend at 10am so dragged myself up and down the pool. Not good.

    Also, the vending machine at the pool had run out of frazzles! [:@][:@]

    So I'm starting again. No booze, more training = faster, healthier, thinner dave. [:D][:D]
  • BoycieBoycie Posts: 189
    I made a similar decision about 9 years ago. Thurdsay, Friday and Saturday nights were all big nights, Wednesdays too during the rugby season. I went for a few weeks without drinking and suddenly felt so much better for it, so I cut back dramatically from that point on.

    I do still enjoy a real ale, a good malt whiskey and the odd glass of red wine, but I rarely have more than 4 drinks a month and often none at all. My view is that my life is more enjoyable sober than drunk and I really don't need it.I suspect that once you've cut back you will feel the same way.

  • Hi All

    I think i will join you

    I have never been a massive drinker but i do like a glass of red especially on a friday night

    So i will join you on the the wagon and hope my training and recovery gets better



  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    I drink like a fish at the weekends and you're quite right it takes its toll but I still do the miles! Anyway it's Lent on Wednesday and I have decided to go off the beer, purify myself and lose a heap of weight. I have to make one exception on Saturday night though.

    This reminds me of lightweight rowing when the traditional cut off was 1st March. The brighter days and better weather will help to steel our resolve
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    1 beer at lunch Fri, 1 beer out on Fri night....felt tired on Sat...can't do this drinking thing any more..........
  • deeessdeeess Posts: 150
    hmmm. my saturday consisted of:

    3 coronas in afternoon

    1 can kronenburg and 3 white wines at supper

    3 coronas in pub

    2 sambucas in pub

    1 jager bomb in pub

    in my defence i did manage an hour bike ride the next day
  • All this talk of drinking makes me want to go down the pub

    And its only monday lunchtime !!!

  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Good on you Gary

    I am not teetotal yet but can only boast to 2 glassesof super fast red wine in the last week!

    I gace up booze for January and felt good for it. I have now started to drink J2O when out but its to drinkable and only lasts 2 mins. I also find that drinking soft drinks just seems to mean to much sugar! I cant stay out of the pub it would destroy my social life outside fitness and most of my friends think I am nuts already!!!!
  • how does anyone get out on a training ride or run following even a couple beers the night before? i drank saturday and im still struggling today!

    I do agree however with the moderation part, i tried to give up completely but then it just makes it more tempting... maybe the way forward is to take up night training on a friday and saturday night, you in Gary?
  • I'm up for anything me!


  • Well declared Gary!! Let me also have a go...

    I, after what seems likes years (actually it is years!!!) have been pursuaded to go Teetotal.. I will try and achieve this perfect life that has been promised to me by the wife[:)]

    " Exceed all expectations of my goals rather than failing or only just achieving...."

    Today is the 5th day of the rest of my life....

  • I am giving up alcohol for lent - as of wednesday i will be booze free till easter.

    I am realising that i cannto deal with hangovers like I used to and I think that less booze = better training = weight loss = looking sexy not flabby!
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    I don't drink that much at all(well, not anymore[&:]).

    But I do tend to make a difference between race season and off/base period.

    During Race season I'm almost completely clean, apart from the one glass in about 3 weeks of REDREDREDREDRED wine.

    During other periods, like now, I'd say I have about 3-4 drinks a week; wine and (of course, I'm from Belgium[image]http://forum.220magazine.com/micons/m4.gif[/image]) the better beers like Duvel, Leffe or similar heavier beers.

    I'm afraid that trying to keep away from alcohol completely year round could end up pretty nasty after a few years!?
  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Hmm.. Drinking is about the one vice I have left. That, and coveting my neighbours Cervelo P4 (Red). I probably do everything about right: 5 portions of fruit and veg, keeping to the speed limits in the car, recycling my wine bottles. So I don't think I could, or should, give it up completely. But I have tried to cut down. Although it is so easy to technically binge drink - 2 pints of nice beer take you over the edge.

    So: My trips to the pub are an occasional treat - and only after I've done something to deserve it.

    Midweek I try to avoid beer altogether - too fattening, and stick to a glass of red wine.. but once you've had one...

    Recently, I've got into getting a pint of water instead of beer on social trips to the pub, might get you the odd look, but it is very cheap! And acutally far nicer than those nasty gassy sweet drinks. And positively better for you!

    This Lent (a bit of deprivation is good!) I shall be pursuing an extreme "heart friendly" diet. Low salt. Low saturated fats (no meat, butter etc.). Lots of sesonal fruit and veg. And giving up alcohol _completely_. I also have a 10K at the end of March, on a PB potential course, so need to get down to my race weight.

    A lot of you seem to be doing the same sort of thing, so we probably need a "Lent Confessions" thread!
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Training after drinking... I do it all the time. Most Saturday nights are a blurr but I still manage to make it on time for the club ride. However now that trining for real is about to start I am going to kick it into touch...
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Jack Hughes wrote:

    Hmm.. Drinking is about the one vice I have left. That, and coveting my neighbours Cervelo P4 (Red).

    You were defo so drunk when posting this! Totally wasted while writing this fata morgana!
  • GGBGGB Posts: 482
    After reading this thread I am ashamed ... sat here with can beside me ;) .... Unfortunately I am yet to give up the drink - or even slow down - but it is coming soon.

    Friday evening I drank 6 cans of lager then went out 9 am Saturday for a 36 mile bike

    Saturday I drank at least 7 cans of lager, ate 1 x 1/2 lb burger and Kebab meat and chips and then Sunday morning did a run bike run comprising 7 miles and later in the day swam for an hour ...

    Not that I am proud of this achievement but it is definately doable lol .... wouldn't reccomend it though.

    I have my first ever event on Sunday a duathlon 2 mile 10 mile 2 mile - I am trying to give up the booze as of tomorrow .. we shall see what happens.

  • Maybe we should have an alcohol diary! name and shame us all into better practices.....
  • Clarkey Im with you on that - wall of shame haha

    Gary!!! Well done!! We're in this together (and it's gonna hurt a lot!!) I actually have my birthday to get over before the drinking totally stops (mid march) but apart from that I wont be touching another drop.

    But you gotta be honest and post on wall of shame if you have one... [;)] xx
  • Its done....wall of shame is officially born! So lets keep each other well motivated.....and suitably shamed (if that's the case) and post when we either have had, or haven't had a drink!
  • My 30th is coming up hence my login name so there may be a few entries by myself....
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