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Bike computers...which one?

Hi Folks

Still busy getting in all the kit i need to be a world beater! OK, maybe not a world beater, but maybe save myself from public humiliation.

Anyway, I'm now looking at bike computers. I am not looking for anything expensive (as I've spent a small fortune on bike/pedals/tri-suit/shoes/glasses/laces/tri-bars/gloves/running wear/training, I'm still married - although not sure how long it will last if i keep spending!!!).

I need:

Current speed, total distance, time, and the one that tells you how fast you're pedalling!

I'd love to get your advice please.....what make's are good, i also think i might need a small one because of the limited space on my handle bars (see pics).

Thanks for your advice.



  • Just looked into this....

    here's the info on cateye computers.....

    Strada - Standard wired without cadence - £25

    Strada Cadence - Wired with cadence - £35

    Strada wireless - wireless but no cadence! - £40

    V2c - Wireless with cadence - £80-90

    V3 - Wireless with cadence and heart rate! - £100-120

    Got to say, i really wanted cadence but don't want wires, so have to go for the V2c but am sick of spending, spending, spending.....:(

    May go for the wired version for now....

    Unless anyone knows of an alternative brand that has a wireless cadence comp for less?
  • To be honest, any computer will do those functions you're after. It's only additional things like Cadence (pedal revolutions per minute), Heart Rate, GPS etc etc that you'll need to start looking harder for the best one. But a basic computer will be fine (it's what I've used for racing and training since like ever!) I use Cateye for no particular reason other than brand loyalty (and they look cool!). That type shouldn't require you to spend more than £20 at the most (a wireless one will cost you more, but it's a luxury if you're trying to reign in the spending).

    Hope this helps

  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    As for small ones due to limited space: Lots of people with aerobars have it attached to the stem(like me).

    Most brands include the stem fix thingie.
  • Thanks. Have decided cadence is a luxury i can do without and have gone for a wireless model that i think is last season, so about £22.

    Thanks again for your advice.
  • Hi mate, really depends on a number of factors, any bike computer these days is pretty good, especially within the £20 to £30 region. If you're gadget mad like myself, then I would recommend you save up and get yourself a polar HRM or a Timex Body-link system like mine!

    But as you are on a budget, the basic functions are your main concern, and for me, automatic trip start and stop are pretty key too, especially as on my other one, I needed to press the button to get it going, and I'd always forget! But between that and a wrist-watch, you'll be fine.

    cadence is good, but like I said, a polar unit is good for this to asses your workout on your PC later on, especially for logging all the training too.

    Your other concern is fitting it on your bike, of which, some will easily fit on your stem, but you generally need to open the packaging to find out for sure.

    £80 - £90 is far too much IMO, especially when you can get a whole lot more than that for not much more cash.

    Take a look here:


    Either way, happy training!! Maybe e-bay some junk for proper gadgets?? [8D]
  • GGBGGB Posts: 482
    On my first bike, MTB with slicks I had/have a cheap argos purchased computer and its very good for the price - gives you average speed, time, max speed etc ...

    On my new road bike I purchased a £22 VDO computer - much much better - has a stop watch facility and all that the other computer had but much easier to read - also doesnt continue if you stop for a toilet break or to repair a puncture - so your average speed is based on actual travelled time - doesnt do cadence but you can't ecpect too mcuh for £22 ;) Very pleased with it so far.

  • Just a note for interested parties:

    Got my wireless computer today, all good as long as you're picking up off the front wheel (wireless works), but if you mount the sensor on the rear wheel the wireless signal is lost and therefore does not work at all, so no good at all for turbo training.

    bummer [&:]
  • I had the same problem with my wireless computer, solved it by mounting the computer on the top tube. However I know not all mounts will let you do this...

  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    get rollers instead of turbo![;)] still includes handling skills and no fuss with bike computer, it stays the same as real road.(and they're very cheap compared to some bling turbos[image]http://forum.220magazine.com/micons/m8.gif[/image])
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