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How Conehead ruined my life...

You groupie.

I think the passion is quite infectious though. The missus, who has been adamant that any thing endurance wise is not for her as been starting to run for longer (for her!) distances. Certainly well into aerobic territory. And, despite a rather lovely MTB that's she's had for year and only done about 30 miles on (tsk) is making noises about having another go - really, she wants to use the turbo. And she also has bought herself a pink Polar HRM. And she's bought some Skins. I'm starting to see a pattern emerging.

The more the merrier I say. And it makes WAT a whole lot easier too!

So, I really hope your better half gets the bug! And she beats you.


  • garyrobertsgaryroberts Posts: 869
    Ok......its a bit strong i know! But i had to post this morning as i picked up a signed copy of 'the book' yesterday, as well as a new pair of tri-shoes, as you might expect when i got home i got the shoe's out and started fitting cleats etc. Meanwhile (in true Clarkson style) my better half pick's up the good book and quietly gets stuck in.

    In wasn't long before the intermittent tittering started, which was often followed up by, "let me just tell you about this bit"......uuurrrhhh.

    We woke this morning and for the first day in three i hadn't dreamt of triathlon's.

    Sara did! She's never been overly interested up till now. Now she's dreaming of them!!!!! Including disastrous practice runs and over analytical post race results scanning! SHe did think i'd finished my first tri in 17 mins though!!!!!

    If she finishes the book and starts thinking about taking part it could spell the end for my naked carbon frame plans. [8D]
  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    Please tell me how i can get the GF into tri - so far she tuts complains and gets in a huffalmost every time i go out for a run/swim etc. If i could get her involved thenit should get me out of trouble
  • iangriffiangriff Posts: 48
    I've seen two references to Coneheads book on the forum, could someone tell me what it's called and where you get it.

  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Only two?

  • iangriffiangriff Posts: 48
    After i posted i found another reference about it under '...sex drive...' i guess it's everywhere even where you least expect it..
  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    This whole forum is actually run by Conehead to promote his book. And over half of the "people" on the forum are actually identities used by conehead to subtley promote it.

    He just sits there most of the time, in his secret triathlon island base, stroking his cat and watching his amazon sales rank rising.

    Now, there's a gel eating image for you.
  • clarkey30clarkey30 Posts: 270
    Thats not fair, how come gary gets a singed copy?

    I have put in a complaint to the moderators for conehead to be treated as SPAM..... haha

    back to the the poll, Gary you never know she might get hooked and take it up, then you have some real competition!
  • As a woman - I can say that personally I'm a bit of a complex creature and if you try to get me into something I quite probably won't be interested.

    My sweaty over-testosteroned fella has been trying for ages to get me more into biking with him - but then he'd always leave me behind and it would end in a row. Cue him doing an insane amount of overtime, and zero exercise for 6 months, and me entertaining myself by...biking! He won't even come out road biking with me now (probably cos he wouldn't keep up, he he he..!)

    So - how to get yer bird involved - DON'T try. And whatever you do don't offer to run/cycle/swim with her YET (unless she is already a nemesis at any of the disciplines) - you can't win there. Instead leave the odd copy of a tri mag around, let her marvel at shiny things maybe.... It has to be a passive process I reckon [;)]

  • Ian

    No one has really answered your question. It's called:

    "How Triathlon ruined my life" by Darren Roberts (aka Conehead)

    He's too modest to have posted this himself despite, I suspect, being secretly willing someone else to spill the beans. The book is totally incomprehsible (probably) to anyone who has no interest in triathlon, but is really rather fun for anyone who is smitten by the triathlon bug and hence recognises the absurdity of a sport where you start a race at 7am on a Sunday by taking a freezing cold lake swim wearing only a see-through skin tight scrap of lycra. Sane people don't really do sports like this, which makes it perfect material for sympathetic spoofing. Cue Conehead.

  • Cheryl6162Cheryl6162 Posts: 356
    As a woman - I can say that personally I'm a bit of a complex creature and if you try to get me into something I quite probably won't be interested.

    Amen to that! The only thing I would add to it is to say 'it's not the sort of thing you'd be interested in darling, triathlon is a bit too hard for girls and plays havoc with your hair....' she'll be therfe faster than the speed of light if she's anything like the contrary, cussed rest of the female gender!

    So tiring tri ing is a conehead alias too is it???
  • ooh what is it what is it?? is it something you've had a hand in conehead?? x
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