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Road-bike, TT setup ?

Hi Everyone

Have a look at my bike below, what i'm trying to do is set it up as TT like as possible. Buying a TT bike is not an option at the moment - but i'll come back to this point in a minute.

So far, to get as aero a position as possible i have an adjustable stem fitted which allows me to drop the bars a good few inches extra.

I've done a few turbo sessions over the last couple of days and am beginning to think that i 'feel' more powerful when i get further forward in the saddle. Thinking about it, with the extra drop on the bars, doesn't it make sense that the saddle should come forward - to maintain the right angles and stuff?

So, looking at the photo, and in particular the seat post, can i just turn it 180 degrees - putting the offset bit at the top, at the front rather than the back? Which should give me the adjustment i need?? Or is there a better solution?

but i'll come back to this point in a minute

If i were to be able to get myself a good second hand carbon TT frame, will all the other parts off my current frame fit? I'm guessing some will and some won't?

If anyone can give me some guidance on the things i need to pay attention to - like the bottom bracket size, seat post sizes, and general standards etc - i'd be eternally grateful!

Oh yeah, and if you have a tt frame going spare, i might know a good home for it.

Thanks everyone.



  • mikescotttmikescottt Posts: 48
    @ Conehead ... I'm going through the same sort of 'conversion' to TT setup with my road bike and have turned the seat post around to give me the offset forward ... you've worried me now saying that you think it shouldn't be done. Is it from a safety perspective ... is it likely to fail in this position? ... I also don't want to go to the bike shop cos I know I'd be better off with TT bike :( but def can't afford one! :(
  • sfullersfuller Posts: 628
    You can buy specific seatposts to do this. See the 'Bike Porn' thread and have a look at Bopomofo's baby.... he has done it with his Dolan.
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