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Heart Rate Monitor recommendations

I bought a HRM polar rs200 to be precise in summer last year.

It was great, got lots of use until I decided that I didn't want to train on just heart rate anymore!

So I just got myself a Garmin forerunner 305, havent been able to use if for running yet due to fracture, but as I am allowed to do a bit of cycling I have been using it for that. Its great, I can't fault it yet (although waterproof would be nice!)

I also think running training by pace is far more productive than heart rate alone, as heart rate is governed by so many variables. But the garmin had Heart rate too! It can also be used on the bike, so instead of having a bike computer you can get this, I actually have mine fastened in the centre of my aerobars so I have a big speedo its great!

So I would recommend spending the 130 on the garmin as it will cover all your needs, and will save you in the long run from buying a separate HRM an bike computer!


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    Hi everyone

    After attending the TCR Show i have come to the conclusion that a heart rate monitor is a must. So the simple question is this.....what functions (other than HRM!) should i be looking for? And if you have a recommendation...what is it?

    Thanks for your help!
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    so you've been hook line and whatevered by the marketing.

    you dont need one. i stopped using mine to allow me to push my limits harder. will use on for specific sessions and HIM races
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    You can call it like that if you like but i'm going on recommendations from those who have nothing to gain from me buying or not.....if those who have run Ironman recommend a heart rate monitor to help me train more effectively then i will listen to them. [;)]
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    Hi Gary,

    I also echo the comments about the Garmin 305.. it's my favourite training tool for both cycling and running.. but I'm a little bit of a geek with wanting to know my stats...

    Although I've only started using the heart rate monitor in the last month, I must confess I've found it really useful and it's also helped my training. I've been out for a few low ZR zones runs and I was amazed with the speeds/pace I was maintaining with low heart rates (until the hills anyway!!!) and more importantly I didn't suffer from any adverse reactions after the runs (i.e.DOMS) like I normally do when I go for a fast run.

    I'm still looking into the science behind HR training like the Base period..


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    or... how about those people who have won them and do not use them? Just doing them does not qualify the person as an expert... [;)] it amazing how much crap people talkwhen they race. do what suits you.
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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    The HRM is a good training accessory and does provide quite interesting data, but I as a long-term user of one I too question the absolute requirement for them. They are excellent for novices as you get to learn to relate your HR with work levels, but to be honest when I go out to do a session I do the session and don't let the HRM dictate pace.

    I would say get a HRM, use it to get a feel for your work rate, and how to push yourself, how to pace yourself etc. but do not let the HRM be your coach.

    As for what make/model I reccommend Polar. I have always used Polar. Ten years ago when rowing we were given various makes for free but we always ditched them for Polar, however technology has moved on since then.

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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
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    Wow...thanks Jack....that is very useful! I will definitely be getting one, then hoping not to kill myself trying to work out my Max HR! Just to say that i am that guy who always pushes too hard and finds it very difficult to rein myself in. I'm beginning to understand that this is counter productive and will probably end up with an injury or worse still - complete burnout.

    Thanks again. [:D]
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    graham33graham33 Posts: 265
    Hi Gary,

    i have the Garmin 305 -and as far as I'm aware it's the only multi sport HRM there is.

    It's brilliant - not only for the multi sport -(you can set it up so you press start/stop every different thing you do and it later tells you exactly what you did, ie time, avg heart rate etc.)

    But one of the excellent things I found was instead of BPM it shows it as % of you Max HR, which is much more useful to me!

    and you can turn on the training partner, also very useful.

    I've had a couple of Polar heart rate monitors, but I've used my Garmin 305 SO much more. you can also view your runs in Google Earth - good when I did the 100 mile exmoor beast - it was pretty impressive - even from Space!
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    starcherstarcher Posts: 126

    Ive got a forerunner 50 that cost £26 of Amazon that is fantastic does every basic function and coupled with foot pod and cadence can do a lot more.

    My advice for what its worth is buy a decent enough cheaper HRM see if you use the basic functions and if you do! in the spring/summer sale go out and buy an all singing all dancing [color="#990000"]Red Carbon one thats cooks Porridge.


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    Hi Starcher

    Have taken your advice and gone for the forerunner 50. I paid far to much by the sound of things (£45) but hey ho! Anyway - It doesn't come with the footpod thing......i guess that just gives cadence (for running) and estimated distance. I guess i'll do without it for now.

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    JulesJules Posts: 987
    I got an exceptionally basic one for twenty five quid from heartratemonitors.co.uk There's a bewhildering range on there though!

    As Jack has suggested above, I'm using mine just to stop myself running or biking too fast. As he says "how slow is slow?" is a difficult question for the inexperienced.
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    brizzichickbrizzichick Posts: 166
    hey gazza....now that you've had this for a wee while...is it any good? am thinking of getting a basic HRM and just can't decide which one to get....

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    garyrobertsgaryroberts Posts: 869
    The HRM bit works fine, but i am having issues with the stop-watch bit.....which keeps stopping! Over the last few months i must have got back from a run at least half a dozen times and then looked at my watch to check the time......only to find it stopped at some, apparently random, point in the run. Happened on last weekend's tri too :(

    I don't know if its me catching the button (i'm guessing it is), but who cares, if its me then the bloody buttons in the wrong place, and if its stopping on its own (unlikely) then its crap!


    .....it works fine but i wouldn't buy it (or any other model that has the stop/start button on the right hand edge).

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    brizzichickbrizzichick Posts: 166
    shame....but thanks for the advice...think i'll look at polar then....
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