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Need some advice folks please. I desperately need to get myself a decent bike but have not got the resources to simply go out and buy one out right just now. Where is the best place to buy one, based on deposit and monthly installments? Most bike shops do not offer credit facilities as far as I can tell and I'm not sure the bank will gladly hand over £2K in the form of a loan. What do you think?


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    AdyShawAdyShaw Posts: 19
    The best place i have found is Wiggle.co.uk, their finance package is quite good, anything over £400 you can pay a 10% deposit, and then pay nothing for a year. Also if you save your pennies during that year and pay on the year date you don't pay any interest.

    This is how i'm going to buy a bike in the end of season sales!![;)]
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    GrayGray Posts: 2
    I think there have been a few shops in the mag lately with 0% interest options, but I recently bought my bike from a Specialized concept store (www.certini.co.uk) in Cornwall with 0% over a year, but anything over a grand could be 24 months, with I think 10% deposit. And they added some kit on to the finance aswell which really helped me.
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    Thanks guys that's really helpful. I will hold off wiggle then just in case there is anything in the next mag worth investigating.

    Cheers for the advice
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    BARNYBARNY Posts: 157
    Save up for it you mug and don't try and live outside your means. You don't need a £2k bike right away.
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